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You don't have to be a ballerina to get the lean dancer's body you envy. You've probably heard about barre and maybe you would really like to try a class, but there are any number of things holding you back: time, money, inconvenient location or maybe you just aren't quite ready to risk making a fool of yourself in front of everyone. What you need is a little introduction in the comfort of your home where you can feel confident and you can get a great workout at no crazy cost. According to Fitness Magazine, barre uses ballet-inspired poses along with yoga and Pilates to combines isometric training with high reps of small movements. It challenges you to discipline your body into shape. Here are some barre exercises for you get that at home.

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Side Plank with Weighted Barre Ball: Place one hand on the ground beneath the shoulder, arm extended. With a weighted barre ball in the other hand, lift your hip as well as your top arm then slowly curve the arm and barre ball under the ribcage and then open back up. Repeat 8 times on each side of the body. Find the full at-home barre workout here.

Side plank

Inner Thigh Leg Lift: Laying on your side, bring the top leg in front of you at a 90-degree angle and extend the bottom leg. Put your elbow on the ground and place your head in your hand, your other hand on the ground. Flex the foot closest to the ground and lift and lower in tiny pulses without letting it rest on the ground. Do this for two minutes and switch. Find the rest of this at-home workout here.


Triceps Dips with Side Kick: Similar to the triceps dip, this exercise adds something extra. Sit on the ground with your knees bent and palms placed on the ground behind you. Lift your  body off of the ground and raise one leg pointed straight towards the ceiling. When you lower your body, engaging the triceps, drop your leg to the side. When you push back up to the starting position, raise it pointing upward. Repeat 20 times then switch legs. Find the full at-home workout here.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan
(Photo: Cosmopolitan)

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Lunges with Resistance Band: Stand with one leg forward and the other leg back and place the resistance band under the front foot. Lower into a squat, pulling your arms up in front of you. Stand and lower your arms. Squat again, this time bringing your hands extended to your sides. Stand, repeat eight times then switch legs. (via The Coveteur)

lunges with resistance band
(Photo: The Coveteur)

Rotating Side Plank: In the side plank position, place your non supporting hand on your hip. Pulse your hips toward the ceiling and continue for two minutes, then switch sides. (via Self)

Photo Credit: Self
(Photo: Shape)

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