4 Exercises You Can Do While Still In Bed

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The second you open your eyes in the morning, a to-do list begins streaming through your head: wake the kids, pack lunches, feed the dog, sign the permission slip, check e-mail, and so on. But before the day gets going, give your body a chance to catch up by trying a few exercises. In bed.

woman waking up

Scapula Squeezes: Laying on your back or belly with hands at your side, squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold the squeeze for three seconds, then release. Repeat for a dozen reps with no more than two seconds of rest. This will help improve your posture and redirect tension out of the neck and traps. Click here to try some yoga moves for stronger arms!

Heel Taps: This can be done on your back or belly. Legs are straight with the heels turned in and toes turned outward. Raise the legs up an inch or two and tap the heels together, moving them apart only a couple inches. It’s a small movement that will engage the core if you’re on your back, and it'll work the glutes if you’re on your belly. The feet can be flexed or pointed.

Leg Circles: This move targets the lower abs. Lay on your back and kick the blankets off so you can move your feet. Place your hands underneath your lower back for support (mattresses are a bit too soft for ab work!). Keeping the feet together, move the legs in a circle. Try to spell your name! The higher the legs are, they easier the move. Want more? Click here for 7 Pilates moves for a flatter tummy.

Roll-Ups: Give yourself enough space for this full body move. Begin by laying down on your back with your arms straight over your head. Reaching up, slowly peel your spine up with it. As you move, fold over onto your legs, reaching your hands over your feet. Then roll back down just as slowly. Like these moves? Try our Good Morning Yoga routine!

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