10 Health Benefits of Spring

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After the freezing temperatures of winter, there aren't many of us sad to see it go. But spring doesn't just bring warm weather! According to Shape, long days and blooming flowers have their health benefits.

There's more produce in season. Spring onions, asparagus, rhubarb, kumquats… You might see some of this produce in the supermarket year-round, but now is when it’s actually starting to come into season in the U.S. (the rest of the year, it’s shipped in from warm states or other countries). Buying local, in-season produce is better for the environment and helps support local growers. And while it isn’t necessarily healthier or more nutritious for you, says Keri Gans, R.D.N., author of The Small Change Diet, it does taste better, which encourages you to eat more of it.


You're soaking up more Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is a real thing, and nearly 75 percent of Americans are at risk of it, research from JAMA Internal Medicine shows. (That number may be even higher right now, after a long winter of little sun.) The symptoms? Blue moods, achy bones, and brain fog. But now that the sun is staying up past 4 p.m. and it’s actually warm enough to show some skin outdoors, you’ll be getting an extra dose of D again. Click here to learn more about Vitamin D and its importance.

Sick season is over. Yes, summer colds are a thing, but flu activity is steadily decreasing, according to the CDC. And while allergies are definitely annoying, at least they’re not contagious. There’s something to be said for being able to shake hands without immediately feeling the urge to douse yourself in sanitizing gel.

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The days are longer. More hours of sunlight mean there’s so much more time for activities. Plus, the extra rays may translate into better sleep: Workers who got more light during the day slept about 46 minutes more per night than those who got less, according to findings presented at the 27th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC. Morning light is especially healthy for your mood, stress levels, and even your waistline, research shows.

You're hitting the trails. Exercising outdoors tends to make you feel happier and less stressed than when you’re cooped up in the gym, according to a review in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Other studies show that you expend more energy when you run and bike outdoors.

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What are the other health benefits to spring time? Click here to read the full article on Shape.