Best Gear For Long Distance Runs

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Whether it's a marathon or just a long run through the neighborhood, you want gear that will last just as long as you! Before you set out on your next long distance trek, make sure you have everything you need.

Water belt: Staying hydrated is extremely important, especially if you're running in the heat. Races often having water stations, but if you're still in training, there won't be anyone passing out water cups! The Fuel Belt Helium holds two 8-ounce, BPA-free water bottles and a detachable pack for storing keys, money etc.

fuel belt helium
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Storage: On a run, you have lots of things you'll need but don't want to be bogged down with. If you're a mom though, you probaly don't feel comfortable being away from your cell phone. You'll want workout gear that is equipped with pockets! You can also get an Ultra Pocket Hat for Runners! It's breathable, comfortable and very functional. You can store cash, cards, keys and more in the pockets without feeling weighed down.

ultra pocket hat
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Anti-chafing: Runners often deal with chaffing and blisters. To prevent that, a lot of runners will recommend Body Glide! It's a great lubricant that lets you get through the longest run. If that isn't quite what you're looking for, check out some other no-rub products!

body glide for her
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Foam roller: It's very important for you to stretch out your muscles if you run long distances and one great way to do that is with a foam roller! Not only can you use it for stretching, but it's great for giving yourself a massage and increasing circulation! Need some tips for working your foam roller? Click here!

foam roller

A good watch: If you're a marathoner, you'll want to be watching your time! Having the right watch is important for perfecting your runs. This Timex Women's Sport IronMan is great for keeping track of your pace. It's water resistant too, so if you are a triathaloner, it's an even better choice! If this isn't the right watch for you, check out some of these options.

timex ironman
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Nutrition: Many runners will pack a gel to fuel them up mid run. Unfortunately, they often taste or feel bad going down. That's why we like 2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel. It's closer to a liquid then a gel, so with a swig of water, you'll have it down easy. You can also pack a power bar, or even make your own! We love a good energy bar after a big run!

2nd surge gel
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