Healthy Outdoor Activities to Do With the Family

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The sun is out, the birds are chirping and you get a nice, warm breeze! Who doesn’t want to spend the afternoon in the sun? Spring has just begun, so what better way to celebrate than to do some healthy outdoor activities with your family? Every member of your family can get the benefits of working out together, and the great part is that you won’t feel like you are exercising because these healthy activities will keep the fun factor alive.

family biking

Soccer: This is an all-time classic sport for everyone. It’s easy and doesn’t take a lot of effort to set up; all you need is a soccer ball and an wide open space! Soccer teaches coordination, which is great for the kids, and the health benefits of soccer are endless. It builds bone strength, flexibility, muscle tone and confidence. So, grab a soccer ball and head up to your backyard or local park to experience the fun. (via Better Health)

A nice walk: The walk is pretty much an age-proof activity: You are never too young or too old to go for a walk. Walking is very good for you because it prevents the the development of diabetes. Research on diabetes has shown that walking improves insulin sensitivity, which is what you need to process glucose the right way. Just taking a walk with the family can spark up some interesting conversations that can lead to a great family rapport. Try walking through your neighborhood or alongside the beach if you live in a state that has one. You and your family will be walking your way to a healthy life! Not to mention, this would be a nice excuse to buy some new walking shoes. (via Wise Geek)

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Ride bikes: There is something about riding a bike that makes you enjoy life even more than you already do! Bike riding builds your immune system, adds years to your life and aides in the stability of your mental health as well. Riding with your family will make it a fun-filled day — just take them out of the garage and make sure to test ride them before hitting the trail. (via Babble)

Hula hooping: This activity probably takes you back to when you had a hula hoop as a child. It was a joy to have the large, toy hoop circle around your body. Well, why not share that experience with your family? Hula hoops are inexpensive and can be found at places like Walmart or Target. Hula hooping improves posture, balance, concentration and it’s a low-impact exercise. Hula hooping has been around forever, but the exercise has recently gained popularity in the fitness world. Try turning on some tunes while you hula hoop with your loved ones. (via HulaHooping)


Twister in the yard: Good news! You don’t have to buy a Twister board for this activity — it only requires red, yellow, blue and green spray paint. You can have the kids help you paint circles on the grass, just to spice things up. Playing a fun game of twister helps the family stretch. This is good because stretching increases blood flow to the muscles. Now, go ahead and get your left leg over to the yellow circle. Your kids will love it as well, because they get their stretching in without getting bored. The perfect outdoor activity!

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Tag: You all know how tag works! Most of us loved this game as a child and played it during recess. As adults, we see it as a game where we get a ton of cardio, which is great because running is a mood booster and helps you live longer. So, why not play this game as a family? It’s foolproof and your kids probably already know how to play it! Plus, you earn the “cool card” with your kids. (via Women’s Health and Family Time Fitness)

Moving your body is good in general. According to Mayo Clinic, exercising decreases depression, boosts endurance and gets you better sleep. Who says exercise has to be boring? It also doesn’t have to be in the gym. If it’s a nice, sunny day, you and your family might as think of an outdoor activity to do together. When a family gets active together, it helps build a stronger relationship!