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Shower curtain rings have hidden talents beyond just holding up your shower curtain. Considering a package of 12 rings is only a few bucks, you could have a better resource at your finger tips than you think for a small cost. Here are some helpful ways to use shower curtain rings around the house.

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Alternative hangers: Use shower curtain rings, whether they are the circular kind or the hooks, to organize anything in your closet including tank tops, bags, scarves and jeans. Just hook the curtain ring through a strap or belt loop and attach it to a hanger or the closet rod.

Photo Credit: The Chic Site
(Photo: Photo Credit: The Chic Site)

Hair tie holder: Instead of having to dig around in your makeup bag or drawer full of hair supplies, try looping you hair ties onto a shower curtain ring to keep them all in one place. You can even hang them on the wall in the closest for the easiest way to find them.

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Organize nuts and washers: Help out your household handyman, whether it's you or your hubby, and use a shower curtain ring to hold washers and nuts. This will help make those tiny supplies easier to find, and you can even hang the rings on a nail above his workbench.

Homemade Christmas ornament: Use string, ribbon or yarn to wrap the shower curtain rings. It's a super easy craft for the kids during the holidays and you'll have a unique ornament to put on the tree. Use every color you like, tie a little bow at the top and suddenly it's a crafty mini wreath.

Additional shower storage: You know how those shower head shelves will randomly fall down leaving your soaps and shampoos all over the bathtub? Try hanging another curtain rod in your shower and then hanging plastic baskets on the shower curtain rings for more convenient storage. You can use this method in your closet, too!

Photo Credit: The Thoughtful Mom
(Photo: Photo Credit: The Thoughtful Mom)

Key organizer: Especially if you have to keep track of a lot of keys, use the curtain ring as a makeshift key ring. You can organize them and hang them on a nail in the cupboard.

Pantry helper: Hang them in your pantry to hold oven mitts, kitchen utensils or kitchen towels. You can attach them to your shelves or put a little rod into your pantry for easy access and expert organization.

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Yard gate lock: For whatever reason, your gate doesn't close all the way and likes to swing open when you least want it to. Use a shower curtain ring to hold it shut. This is helpful especially if you have small children. You won't have to worry about them getting it open... at least not until they are older.

Jewelry holder: Hang a few rings on the wall behind your bedroom door or next to the bathroom sink, wherever works for you, and use them to hang necklaces and bracelets. This will help keep out kinks and tangles and you can see all your options.

Flashcard holder: Punch a hole in the corner of your child's spelling or math flashcards, then put them on a shower ring. This will keep them together and in order so you don't lose track of them.

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