Move Targets: Total body


Step 1: Stand on gliding discs, head up and back straight. Let your heels hang off the gliders as you stand with your feet hip-width apart with slightly bent knees once you start the movement. If you don't have gliders, try rags or paper plates.


Step 2: Lower into a frog squat position with your hands placed at your sides for balance. Be prepared to have the entire palm down, pressed into the floor. Note that your hand placement will determine what kind of pushup you'll be performing. Look about one foot in front of you.


Step 3: Slowly slide your legs behind you to preform a standard plank. Be sure that your glutes are pulled in and your back is straight. Shoulders should be in line with the hands. As you slide the feet backward, try to keep the upper body as still as possible so that you're not rocking or overloading it.


Step 4: Preform a pushup. In this series, Real Mom Model Jean is performing a tricep pushup where the elbows point straight behind her and the arms squeeze the rib cage. You can perform a traditional pushup by creating a wider hand placement in the plank. As you push up from the bottom, the thighs, hips and chest should all come up as one solid piece. Keep your gaze to the mat or floor to maintain a neutral spine.

Modification: Drop to your knees, but keep the feet in contact with the gliders.


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Step 5: Return to step 3, the plank position. At this point, the gliders haven't moved since the beginning of step 3. If they are wiggling at all, lock the core. Sometimes moving your feet closer together, keeping them on the inner edge of the glider, is more helpful.

Modification: Slide one foot up at a time.


Step 6: Slide your legs back into step 2, a full seated squat. The knees can also be angled to the outside of the arms. This will give you more power for the jump ahead.


Step 7: Using your legs and arms explode into a jump and land in the starting position. Repeat as many times as you can manage for full workout. Be mindful of your landing. If you want, you can in front of the gliders or on the outside of them, then step onto them again when you're resetting.

Modification: Raise the arms overhead; come up onto the the toes without lifting the entire foot off the ground. Click here to try the Gliding Reverse Lunge to work the legs!


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