Date Night Ideas When You Can't Get a Sitter

| Love & Marriage

You and hubby are long overdue for some alone time, but all the sitters are booked for the night. Instead of letting yet another weekend slip by without spending quality time with your partner, try some of these at-home date nights!

Cook together. Set the kids up with a movie and some dinner and bring hubby into the kitchen. Choose your favorite meal and cook together! When you're done, put the kids to bed, light a candle and enjoy a date at the kitchen table.

couple grilling food

Watch a movie. You may not be able to get to the theater, but you still have options! After the kids are in bed, cuddle up on the couch and rent a Pay-per-view that you've been talking about seeing. Pop some popcorn and enjoy some time with the lights dimmed. You can even make it themed! Did you rent "The Godfather"? Eat some spaghetti!

Have a treasure hunt. Plant small notes, gifts and candies around the house for your partner to find. It could lead to a nice dinner on the back deck or maybe up to the bedroom!

Star gaze. We spend too much of our free time on our phones or watching TV that we forget to enjoy each other and the places around us. Set up the baby monitor and a blanket in the backyard. Lay next to each other and see what constellations you can pick out. You could even have a a bonfire in the backyard and bring some s'mores!

couple bonfire

Take a bath. Next grocery store run, grab some bubbles for your bath. After the kids are asleep, fill up the tub, put on some quiet music and invite your husband to join you.

Relive the past. Buy a bottle of champagne for you and your significant other to spilt and watch your wedding video! Listening to your vows is a wonderful way to remind each other what made you fall in love.

Play a game. Cards or a board game is a great way to have some good clean fun or try racing to see who can finish a crossword or sudoku first! You could even play a fun game of "Would You Rather" or "Truth or Dare"! It's up to you if you want to keep it PG or not.

crossword puzzle

Make a chore into a date. Have you been nagging your man to paint or do some other home improvement project? Do it together! Not only will you be able to make sure it's done right, but by putting on a fun playlist, you can dance around and make it fun.

Unplug. Do the exact opposite of a movie night. Put the kids to bed early, turn off the TV and phone. Sit down and enjoy time together. Remind each other what you love most about them, whether that means writing a list for each other or just reminiscing on fond memories.