Women Who Lift: You Can Relate

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Ladies, if you know how to handle a barbell and throw dumbbells around into any workout, you can relate to these ridiculous truths. Weight training and lifting are addicting because of the immediate and fabulous results. It feels so good to be able to manipulate heavy weights in the gym. Powerful, right? But there are some silly side effects you probably experience in the day-to-day grind of life outside the gym.

weight lifting woman

Jeans or squats, not both. Thank goodness yoga pants and jeggings exist to cover the beautifully robust glutes and quads the lifting woman develops. Getting a pair of jeans up and over your perfectly lifted tush is a battle you don’t even care to engage in. 

Random arm-wrestling propositions occur. “Who do you think would win a match, you or that guy over there in the yellow shirt?” For real. Obviously, you.

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What boobs? No use in denying it. Weight lifting burns fat like crazy, including the fatty tissue in the breast. After enough cleans and push presses, you’re left with a hint of womanhood. But let’s be honest: Being strong is way more sexy.

You can line all the grocery bags onto one arm. Flex the bicep and load ‘em up to the elbow! It only takes one trip from the car to the door to get all the bags inside. You could let your partner help you, but you don’t want to see them struggle. 

Comparing weights of your child and kettlebell. You did full kettlebell swings this morning with a 35-pound weight, only two more pounds before you can substitute your child for the bell. Just kidding! But it’s hard to believe they’re really that close in weight. Click here for a killer kettlebell circuit.

Only knowing your bodyweight to calculate lifts. You can back squat your twin from a parallel universe and calculate how much you should be deadlifting to fire up those hamstrings and glutes. Otherwise, there’s no use for a scale. The quality of muscles can’t be restricted to numbers.

You take 10 snack breaks a day. There’s a pre-workout and post-workout snack, breakfast, two more snacks until lunch, a few more until 3 p.m., another one before dinner, again after dinner and more before bed. You might wake up and grab another one at 2 a.m. You’re a bottomless pit since your body craves the calories you burn, burn, burn.

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Soreness is a daily thing. Feeling a little burn and tightness in your legs or upper body is totally normal! Heck, you just had back squat day followed by a slew of thrusters the next day. Completely normal. “It’s not swag, I’m just sore.” Click here if you need more convincing as to why you need a massage.