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Sometimes when you need hangers the most, they are nowhere to be found. Other times, you have too many to handle and after hanging even all your socks and panties, you still have hangers leftover. In those times when you have excess hangers in your household, don't be impulsive and throw them out. Instead, try some of these little tricks that can make your life just a little easier.

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Cord and Christmas light storage: Tired of pulling out your Christmas lights every year and finding them tangled beyond help? Wrap them around a hanger to prevent tangles and store them. You can even hang them on hooks in the basement for an even more organized system.

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Chip clips: Break off the clips of an old, plastic skirt hanger and you will never have to buy chip clips again! This is especially helpful because it seems like chip clips disappear faster than bobby pins.

Towel racks: Get creative and mount a couple wooden hangers on the wall in your bathroom. Arrange them upside down with a little space between the bottom rung and the wall and it'll serve a dual purpose!

Photo Credit: Sheila Zeller Interiors
(Photo: Photo Credit: Sheila Zeller Interiors)

DIY indoor basketball hoop: For those rainy days when the kids are stuck inside, reshape a wire hanger and use string to create a basketball hoop, then wedge it at the top of the door. Wad up pieces of paper and keep score!

Magazine holder: Tired of seeing your magazines laying around without a home? Hang them on a wire hanger in your closet and let the hanger mark your place.

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Scarf organizer: Maybe you have a plethora of scarves that take up space in your drawers. Loop them around a hanger in your closet. Not only will they be organized but you will be able to see them better when you go to pick one out.

Ribbon dispenser: Unwind a wire hanger and drop your spools of ribbon onto it. Secure the hanger so that you can put it on a hook or in a closet. It will keep the ribbons organized and untangled and give you easy access when you want to snip some off.

Photo Credit: Live Simply by Annie
(Photo: Photo Credit: Live Simply by Annie)

Card display: Hang a hanger on a hook in the kitchen then use clothespins to hang Christmas and birthday cards for everyone to see. You can get creative and decorate your hanger for the holiday and just put it away when the season is over.

Marshmallow and hot dog roaster: When you don't have a hot dog roaster on hand, just unwind a wire hanger so you can use it as a makeshift roaster. Who wants to spend money on those anyway?

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Sweatpants re-stringer: Don't you hate when you accidentally pull the string out of your sweatpants or hoodie sweatshirt? Don't fret. Just tie the string to the end of an unwound wire hanger and push it through. Problem solved!

Paper towel holder: Reshape a wire hanger so that you can fit a roll of paper towels onto it. Then you can hang it on a hook in the pantry. Click here for a tutorial on how to make a paper towel holder you can hang anywhere.

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