8 Most Popular Kitchen Herbs & How To Use Them

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Herbs are the leafy parts of plants that can be used for adding flavor to your recipes and can be a busy mom's best friend. They're inexpensive, too — especially if you start your own herb garden on the windowsill of your kitchen window. If you're new to the herb world, check out these most commonly-used kitchen herbs below.

Thyme: This Mediterranean herb is used in the kitchen all the time. It can be used for beans, vegetables, eggs, pasta sauces and stews. Not to mention, fish recipes go well with thyme. The great thing about this herb is that it doesn’t leave an overpowering fragrance.

herb thyme

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Oregano: It makes its appearance in so many places like Italy, Spain, Mexico and Central America. This is one powerful herb will add a kick of flavor to any of your recipes. It’s reputation for being bitter doesn’t stop it from tasting delicious in a meatball marinara dish.


Lemon Basil: This herb originated from Asia and Africa. Shrimp and grilled fish go together with lemon basil. The best route is for it to be used fresh and often delayed until the end of your cooking process. For example, when you cook grilled fish, lemon basil is the last herb you want to add to give it that pop of flavor.

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lemon basil

Papalo: An herb that has a strong flavor and is part of the daisy family. This South American native herb can be used in guacamole, salsa, pesto, beans and tacos. It’s perfect for people with high blood pressure.


Lovage: Originating from Asia and Europe, this herb tastes a bit like celery. Therefore, it can be used as a celery substitute, tasting just a little stronger and sweeter than celery. Lovage can be added to salads, stews and soups. If it’s chopped, it can be sprinkled on top of chicken, salsa and creamy dip as well.


Cilantro: This is the most popular herb, to say the least. You've seen countless cooking shows where chef uses cilantro in her recipes. It’s another herb that needs to be used while it’s fresh. Cilantro also needs to be the last ingredient you decided to put in your soup, salsa or chicken.

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Dill: This herb doesn’t need a substitute because it has tons of flavor that will upgrade any recipe. It’s very popular in Russian and Asia. Dill can be used with creamy-based sauces, soups, stew, chicken and fish. Once again, dill needs to be added when you are almost finished preparing your dish because when the heat gets to it, it takes away the flavor.

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Chives: If you don’t want an overbearing onion flavor, chives are great for that. The leaves can be eaten raw and they can be used in sour cream, eggs, soups, salads and vegetables. Like most herbs, the longer they’re cooked, the less flavor will have.

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