10 Ways to Relax Right Now

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Life can be hectic. There’s work, soccer games, packing lunches, dropping kids off from school, going to parent-teacher conferences and so on. Moms who are on the go often feel like they have no time for themselves. If you even try to take a nap, rest assured someone is calling you so you can pick them up from practice or take them to a friend’s house. Everyone needs to relax every once in a while — it’s only healthy. You’re probably thinking that you can relax once you take a vacation later this year, but what about ways you can relax right now?

woman relaxing in the bathtub

Listen to music. Preferably your favorite song. You may want to listen to throwback songs from the 90s. Or you may want to listen to an instrumental, which can be super relaxing. Whatever you do, music is known to elevate the mind and aid in lowering your blood pressure. It can turn a bad mood into a good mood. It’s like medicine to your body and will put your brain in relax mode. (via Greatist and Daily Mail)

Laugh a little. Everyone knows that laughing is fun; it makes you carefree for a moment. If you are ever feeling stressed, just think of something really funny or watch a funny video. It can boost immunity and increase blood flow, which is vital because that can make you less tense. If you’re feeling anxious, angry or even sad, laughing is the best medicine. Laughing leaves your muscles relaxed as well.

Text it out. Yes, this is as good as the old pen and paper. You more than likely have a phone nearby, so look at the notepad section of your phone and just text everything that is making you angry, sad or anxious. Next thing you know you will have paragraph after paragraph of words that you needed to get out. Getting your emotion out on the small screen in front of you will make you feel relaxed. Just make sure you don’t accidentally send it to someone — that would be no bueno.

Hand massage: You don’t have to have someone else do this for you. Do it yourself! It’s something you can do right this minute to control your emotions. Hand massages releases the built up tension you have in your hands, which is where a lot of stress is stored. Lotion goes well with a good hand massage. Massing those tension points makes the rest of your day relaxing.

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Close your eyes. This sounds like something you would do before you go to bed, but actually it’s not weird to close your eyes any time of the day (except while driving). This can put you in a state of relaxation, it can make you collect your thoughts and go on with the rest of your day. The cool part about closing your eyes is that it tricks your brain into thinking you are going to sleep, which puts you in relax mode. And hey, if you’re already in bed and you close your eyes, you may just fall asleep.

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Use your imagination: Kids aren’t the only ones that are entitled to do this! You can as well, because imagination is great at any age. Think about having a romantic walk with your favorite celebrity or think about your significant other. This takes yourself to a happy place whenever your day is off balanced. This definitely works when you feel sad. Turn that frown upside down with your magic of imagination.

Breathe in. Breathe out. You know the feeling when the doctors check your heart and you have to breathe in and breathe out. It feels good! Taking deep breaths in and out regulates your blood pressure and tells your brain to relax. Practice deep breathing when you are in rush hour traffic or while rushing your kids to school. (via WebMD)

Stare. You may not want to stare at people for your own good, but staring at an object or wall wouldn’t hurt anyone. It makes your mind go a place where you think about absolutely nothing, which is why staring at a blank wall is the best. Who cares if people are watching you? You have to do it for yourself. (via Health)

Take some time out for yourself. No, this isn’t running to the nearest computer to plan your vacation. This is about being alone. If you can decide to be alone for about five minutes, you will feel better. It’s possible. After you drop the kids off at practice and can just sit in the car to collect your thoughts. A little "you time" can be anywhere you want it to be.

Talk to other people. Everyone needs to vent. It’s only human to want other people to comfort you in a time of distress. A trusted friend or family member can help you relax and know that everything is okay. They don’t even have to be present for you to feel the love. For most people it’s just a phone call away. After the whole venting or crying session, you will feel relaxed.