Performance Enhancing Products for an Effective Workout

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Ready to sweat? Make your workout count by enhancing your performance with these products! They can help you to keep track of your performance, perfect your form and more!

Armour39 Chest Strap by Under Armour: Don't cheat yourself out of a workout! This chest strap is exactly what you need to motivate yourself. It records your calories, heart rate and more to give you a 0-10 rating of how hard you worked during your workout. To buy one for yourself, click here.

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Nike Studio Wrap Shoe: Lightweight and flexible, this shoe offers a barefoot feel while keeping you from slipping when you're mid-yoga pose! Wear them to your next yoga, dance or barre class. Don't let your form suffer because of slippery, sweaty feet! Order a pair today.

nike studio wrap
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Nike Handheld: Keep your smartphone handy on your next run! With a comfortable and adjustable strap, this ergonomically designed phone case allows you to take a no-strings-attached run with the security of having your cell. Order yours online today.

nike handheld
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Nike Ultimate Pilates Mat: The microfiber surface wicks away sweat and allows you to have a dry and comfortable workout while the perforated bottom grips the floor tightly to ensure a steady workout. Click here for more product details.

nike ultimate pilates
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Fitbit Charge HR: Monitor your heart rate, steps taken, stairs climbed, hours slept and more with the newest Fitbit! Not only will it remind you to get up and move more, but you can set goals and challenge yourself to live a more active life! Learn about everything the Fitbit can do here.

fitbit hr
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Foam Roller: A foam roller is a great way to stretch, train and rid yourself of muscle soreness! Here's Skinny Mom Founder and CEO Brooke Griffin using a foam roller! You can order one online here.

foam roller

FlipBelt: Don't let your workout get bogged down. Store keys, money, ID, gym pass and cash in this belt! It's machine washable, lightweight and doesn't have any exposed zippers or fasteners to cause discomfort, rubbing or chaffing. Order your own FlipBelt here.

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MRX Women's Weight Lifting Gloves: Don't let the weight room at the gym intimidate you. You know you are more than capable of hanging with the boys! With these gloves you can lift without worry of exposing your palms to the harsh metals and dirty surfaces of the weights. Get yours here.

weight lifting glove
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