Supersets for a Sexy Silhouette

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Specifically designed to attack one muscle group with multiple exercises, supersets are performed back-to-back without rest. The idea is to fatigue the muscles in a one-two punch, then recover as fully as possible. Usually supersets are completed with a barbell or heavy dumbbells, but you can do them with anything or nothing at all. For each superset below, complete both exercises twice through, then move onto the next set if you want to.



You want to go hard during the set, then rest for 60 seconds and repeat the exercises full out. During the resting period, you might feel like, “this rest is bologna; I can totally keep going.” The point is to recharge your battery as close to 100 percent as possible. When you do that, you train your body to recover more quickly.

10 Stacked Leg Pushups: Stack one foot over the other and perform your push up. See it here. 10 Plank Tucks: Begin in a plank with hands under the shoulders and jump the feet in underneath the chest and back to plank.

8 Side Hover Crunches: Pick an elbow to balance on, stack or stagger your feet, then lift the top hand and leg as you crunch them together. Get it here. 8 Side Hover Dips: Stay in that side hover and dip the bottom hip then pull it back up with a squeeze of the bottom oblique. Click here for a breakdown.

20 Squat Pulses: With feet outside the shoulders, send the hips back and down just above the knees and stay there to pulse. 10 Squat Jumps: Begin going down into your squat, then use your arms to propel you up into a jump. Land with soft knees.

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Selecting a heavy dumbbell pair is totally fine for these workouts because you want to go hard and use your reserves. You’ll regain them during the resting period and be able to perform the reps at high quality in the next round.

12 Skull Crushers: Lie on your back with your arms extended straight over your shoulders (holding weights), and without moving the upper arm, bend the elbow until the weights touch your forehead. More on those here. 12 Tricep Kickbacks (each side): come up onto one knee and lean forward on it as you send the opposite arm behind your hips for pulses. Check out the standing version here.

12 Squat Press: Have the dumbbells at shoulder height, then press them straight up as you stand. 12 Bent Over Rows: Get the feet under the hips with a slight bend in the knee and row the dumbbells from your knees to your hips with a straight neck and back.

8 Dumbbell Bench Press: Lying down on your back, bend the arms out to the side at 90 degrees until the weights reach chest height, then press back up over the shoulders. Use a stability ball like Brooke does here. 8 Renegade Rows with PushUp: Flip to your hands, holding the weights, and perform a push up followed by a single arm row in your plank, then switch. Click here for a visual.

pull up bar


Love that pull up bar! It engages the lats and upper back muscles by using your own bodyweight. Once you’re in the middle of these exercises, you’ll feel how much your core is recruited to support the motion. That’s why these pulling and hanging exercises are paired with core blasters.

6 Wide Grip Pull Ups: With hands in an under/over grip wider than the shoulders, pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar. 6 Wide PushUps: Hands are outside the shoulders here, too, fingers facing forward and elbows moving out to the sides as you push down at least to chest height.

6 Knees to Elbow: Hang from the bar and crunch the knees up as closely to the elbows as possible. 6 Slow Boat Crunches: Lying on your back, hover your legs and upper body then crunch in bringing the chest to the knees and extend again, arms at your side.

6 Hanging to L-Sit: Hang from the bar and pull the legs up to create an “L” shape with your body then release. 3 Walking Planks: Begin in a plank then bring yourself down to your elbows one-by-one and back up to your hands, one-by-one for a single rep.