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The potential for cupcake liners in your home is probably far underestimated. You likely have more than you need for a couple dozen muffins or cupcakes. Instead of tossing them back in with your forgotten baking supplies, try out some of these creative and useful ways to use cupcake liners. Next time you buy baking products you'll probably pick up a couple extra packages because these hacks are fun and easy.

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Catch Popsicle drips: There is nothing more frustrating than a child walking around with bright red, sticky juice dripping off their Popsicle and onto the carpet or their clothes and hands. Poke a little hole in a cupcake liner and stick the Popsicle stick right in so that the cupcake liner protects hands, clothes and carpet from Popsicle drips.

Sort daily vitamins: Maybe you or a family member takes several vitamins each day. Use a cupcake liner to sort out your vitamins so you know what to take and it serves as a reminder without losing medication as it rolls across the counter to hide behind the toaster.

Hold snack-sized servings for the kids: Cupcake liners are a perfect disposable alternative to little bowls or Tupperware. When snack time rolls around, use cupcake liners to control portion sizes and make an easy-to-handle container that the kids can toss in the trash when they are finished.

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Create mini cupcake liner bunting: Spruce up your indoor plants or flower beds with mini bunting. Just string some colorful cupcake liners onto some twine and tie it to a couple sticks and suddenly you have an adorable decoration for your succulents.

Photo Credit: Brit+Co.
(Photo: Photo Credit: Brit+Co.)

Make pretty garland: You don't have to spend a fortune on garland for the next birthday party or wedding. Instead, flatten cupcake liners of your choice and fold them over string or twine. Use a little dab of glue to secure it and hang them wherever you like. It's an easy, inexpensive way to get that romantic, whimsical feel!

Make flower string lights: Poke the lights on a strand of white, twinkle lights to create "petals" around the little bulbs. Get creative and use different colors, layer and cut them to look like flowers. It's an easy way to decorate a room or your patio for a cookout.

Photo Credit: Brit+Co.
(Photo: Photo Credit: Brit+Co.)

Cover drinks: Poke a hole in a cupcake liner and put your straw through to create a lid for your drinks when you're outside. That way the bugs won't get in. Plus, it makes an alternative drink umbrella to dress up your Green Tea Lemonade or margarita.

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Create multicolored crayons: Peel the paper off of some crayons and break them so they lay side by side in a cupcake liner. Bake them at 275 degrees for about 10 minutes or until they are melted completely then freeze them for some fun-shaped, colorful crayons.

Photo Credit: Deep Blue Sea Design
(Photo: Photo Credit: Deep Blue Sea Design)

Hold tea candles: Use foil cupcake liners for a simple, elegant way to catch the wax from tea lights. It'll help eliminate the mess and add a little something to your event for little to no cost.

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