Helpful Hacks for Small Hands in the Kitchen

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Our children mean everything to us. They bring us joy every day. But they're also messy, picky and stubborn. Combat the mess and make life easier for yourself with these simple tricks!

Rubber band apple slices: If your kids' apple slices are turning brown in their zip-close baggies by the time lunch rolls around, try this: Slice your apples all the way through and then reassemble the apple. Use a rubber band to hold it together. This should prevent the apples from turning so brown! See what else you can do with a rubber band by clicking here.

sliced apple
(Photo: Her Family)

Watermelon mess: Watermelon triangles are great for adorable photos of your kids covered in juice. But they aren't so great when it comes to cleanup. Save the mess and cut up a watermelon like this! (via Mama Say What?!)

watermelon cut
(Photo: Mama Say What?!)

Cutting up food: Little mouths need to take little bites, but how many times have you mangled a meal trying to cut it up for them? Save yourself the time and trouble of the fork and knife and use your pizza slicer! It's great for all kinds of food, from waffles to noodles! You can get a fun pizza cutter like this one online.

pizza cutter
(Photo: Amazon)

Corn holders: Make corn on the cob a little more fun for kids this summer! These cute wiener dogs will get the kids excited about this veggie. Order them online here.

corn holder
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Dripless popsicles: Now that the weather has turned warm, your freezer is going to fill up with popsicles. To keep them from dripping all over your already messy children, stick a cupcake liner on the bottom of the popsicle tick to catch the drips!

popsicle melt
(Photo: Life Hack)

Sandwich Tetris: Picky kids not eating their lunch? Pack them a Tetris sandwich to bring a little fun to the lunch table! Eating will be much more fun when they do it after solving the puzzle. Order online here.

tetris sandwich
(Photo: Amazon)

Kids cups: Don't rummage around the cabinets for your kids cups every time they need a sip of water. Attach magnets to their plastic cup and keep it on the fridge. They can use the water dispenser on the fridge to get their own and stick the cup back on the fridge when they're "helping" put away dishes.

magnet cups
(Photo: Apartment Therapy)

Breakfast Banana Split: Can't get the kids to eat a healthy breakfast? Make a breakfast banana split! Replace ice cream with Greek yogurt, the chocolate syrup with honey and the toppings with berries and granola! (via A Bullseye View)

brakfast banana split
(Photo: A Bullseye View)