What's All the Hype About a Gym Partner?

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Ever heard the saying "there's strength in numbers"? Well, these words of wisdom are particularly relevant when it comes to hitting the gym! If you are ready to spice up your workout, then ditch that magazine and buddy up with a friend! Many fitness-focused women out there claim that a workout partner actually helps them boost their routine and adds a whole level of fun to their time at the gym. We know that working out is often perceived as a personal experience; it's not like you are dying to have your friend see you covered in sweat and red in the face! Just take a look at the benefits below, because you might just be missing out on the opportunity to double your success!

A workout buddy can be a great support system. We've all had one of those days where the prospect of finishing our workout strong just sounds ludicrous. You're doubled over, gasping for breath, and so ready to just call it quits and go home to that box of donuts your hubby picked up that morning. Enter: your gym partner! Your buddy can be a great source of inspiration for you during your routine. You will push each other harder, encourage each other, and struggle together towards common goals. A gym buddy can become your own personal cheerleader, so if you often find yourself lacking the motivation to finish strong, partnering up with a friend might just be the solution to your problem!

A workout buddy holds you accountable. Everyone has days where their body just needs a break, but there are also times when our favorite show is having a marathon on TV, and the idea of dragging ourselves off the couch and to the gym just sounds unbearable. Having a workout buddy encourages you to hit the gym even when you aren't feeling 100 percent. Plus, carving out the time for an exercise schedule with your buddy and physically putting it down in your schedule or planner means there is a pretty solid chance that you both are going to commit.

A workout buddy helps you perfect your form. If you've ever had difficulty gauging just how deep you are going during a squat set, then it may be time to buddy up with a friend. A workout buddy can spot you and help you maintain the proper posture during your workout. Not only will this help you experience an improved routine, but it will also help prevent against common injuries! Instead of just rushing to finish your workout, you will be more conscious of how you conduct yourself during your routine since you know that you are being observed.

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A workout buddy promotes healthy competition. A little friendly competition between you and your gym partner can go a long way in helping you stay motivated and excited to work out. Studies have shown that healthy competition between partners actually increases each individual's performance exponentially! In fact, research reveals that working out with someone increases the duration of your routine by a whopping 200 percent! If you are looking to really boost your fitness goals, then we recommend working out with someone who is more fit than you. Humans are inherently pretty competitive, and you will naturally strive to avoid being the weakest link.

A workout buddy encourages diversity in your routines. Instead of sticking to the same old routine day after day, buddying up with a friend helps you branch out and try new things. Think about it: you wouldn't want to ditch your average joe 5k on the treadmill in favor of a Zumba class... if you were alone. Throw in a friend who is willing to try something new, and you can add some variety into your routine! Trying out new classes is exponentially easier if you go with a buddy, and that variation actually promotes more weight loss and healthy changes in your body!

A workout buddy helps you have fun: Most importantly, partnering up with a friend creates a bonding experience that you may not have time for outside of the gym. You will have someone to joke with when you hit the weights, and someone who can fill you in on the latest gossip as you head for the ellipticals. Your friendship is bound to grow as you overcome physical obstacles together. Plus, the time you make to work out is time that you can dedicate to each other. It can often be challenging to make time for your girls outside of your daily routine, so adding a buddy to your workouts is a great way to squeeze in some extra time with your friends.

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Remember that in order for a gym buddy to work, you both have to get along well and work at similar speeds. If you buddy up with someone who can't get enough of their yoga class, but all you want to do is hit the weight rack, your incompatibility will drag you both down. Stick with someone who has similar goals, and you should be good to go!

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