From Gym to Grocery: Workout Clothes You Can Wear Out & About

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If you've got time to go to the gym today, chances are it's sandwiched in between all the other errands you need to run. Instead of lugging around an extra change of clothes, save your time by choosing a workout outfit that transitions seamlessly from the gym to the grocery — without you feeling self conscious! It's time to say goodbye to that oversized T-shirt.

Hard Tail Long Skinny Tee: This is a casual long sleeve that is great to wear out after the gym! It is made from a soft material and finished with a roll-edge hem, so you can wear it long over leggings if you don't feel comfortable wearing leggings in public. Click here to order yours.

hard tail long skinny tee
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Zella Feeling Breezy Tank: This is a one-piece top with a two-piece illusion. This style is becoming more and more popular, so you can get ahead of the trend with this top! Not only is it great for a medium-impact workout (like yoga, weight-training, power walking, biking, etc.) but it won't look out of place at Target when you throw a comfy cardigan over it! Buy it online here!

zella feeling breezy
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Vitality Tee: If you're too hot or sweaty from your workout to put on a cardigan or sweater, this is a great layering option! You can wear it during or after your workout to give you some added coverage if you aren't comfortable sporting that tight tank alone! Click here to check it out.

vitality tee
(Photo: Athleta)

Zella Studio Tee: Wear it loose or tie the knot and hit the studio! This flowing shirt has vented hems to keep you cool and won't look out of place when you hit up Target on the way home! To order this tee, click here.

zella studio tee
(Photo: Nordstrom)

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Element Half Zip: This Nike half zip jacket is perfect for throwing on after the gym. It'll give you a sporty look while covering up your sweaty pit stains! It's also the perfect spring layering for an early morning run, followed by a stop at the coffee shop! Click here for more color options.

element half zip
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Zella Live In Capris: These capris are slimming and in everyone's favorite: basic black. While bold prints are fun for showing off in the gym, you may not feel as comfortable strutting through the grocery store in them. These cool and comfortable capris will seamlessly transition from gym to errands. Click here to read more product details.

zella live in capri
(Photo: Nordstrom)

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Active Burnout Tee: Soft and lightweight, this is a great tee to wear at the gym! What's better is if you need to make a stop on your way home, you'll blend right in. It's comfortable and the thin material will keep you from getting too sweaty as well! Click here to order.

Burnout Tee
(Photo: Old Navy)

High-Waisted Compression Capris: These capris sit high on your waist to help slim and shape your figure. If wearing leggings has made you self-conscious in the past, this is a great pair of leggings to try out because they are so flattering! So flattering in fact, you won't feel uncomfortable wearing them out of the gym. Click here for more product details.

high waist capri
(Photo: Old Navy)

Fabletics Yosemite: If you haven't checked out Fabletics yet, we highly recommend you do. You can shop by individual items, or order an entire outfit like this one! With the lightweight cardigan, you can take this outfit from gym to anywhere without feeling like a slob! Check out Fabletics here!

yosemite fabletics
(Photo: Fabletics)

Tulah Mini Wrap: From the Pilates studio to your everyday wear, this wrap is perfect! It's lightweight and soft, making it the perfect spring time accessory, but it's also appropriate for any day-to-day activity. Click here to learn more.

tulah wrap
(Photo: Target)

Lucy Posture Tank: With a classic and stylish pattern, you can add a basic black or a simple white cardigan and finish out your to do list after you hit the gym! This tank has a high neckline, a trendy strappy back detail, and a built-in shelf bra for extra support. Check it out here!

posture tank
(Photo: Lucy)

Cabrillo Sweater: This boatneck sweater is made from cashmere and linen for a light, breathable feel and loose fit. The half sleeve will keep you feel breezy and cool after a thorough workout! It's perfect for layering over your workout tank so you can go about your day comfortably. To order this, click here.

cabrillo sweater
(Photo: Athleta)