Get It Right, Get It Tight: Lateral Hop

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Lateral Hops

Move Targets: Total body

Keep your feet together. Like a pogo stick, your legs act like a spring. You'll be working from the balls of your feet most of the time. Like your feet, your arms will be stuck to your sides so you can get in a low-stance position.

Soft knees. Even when you're jumping from side to side, you'll keep your knees bent. Always. When you land, you'll be able to absorb the shock into the muscles instead of your joints.

Experiment with height and distance. Start small, traveling about two inches from side to side with just enough air under your feet to create the jump. Then progress to six inches wide, then a foot all while getting higher.

The weight stays in balls of your feet. If your legs were in a squat stance, wider than hip-width, you'd like sink back into your heels as you land. For this move, you need to protect your Achilles tendon by shifting the weight forward and avoiding the stretch of your heel if the heel were to drop.

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