Everything You Need in Your Gym Bag for a Flawless Workout

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Ready for a good workout? Pre-pack your gym bag so you can hit the gym whenever your busy schedule will allow. By keeping these 10 essentials ready at all times, you can work out whenever!


Lock: Store your lock in your gym bag so you never find yourself without it! There's nothing worse than getting to the gym and not being able to store your belongs, especially if that means you have to store them in your car or drag them around the fitness floor with you. If you keep a phone or iPod with you when you exercise, make a note with the combination so you don't get locked out.

Deodorant: We all have those days when you run out of the house without applying your deodorant, but you can't get away with it as easily at the gym! Buy a second stick of deodorant to keep as backup in your gym bag for before and after applications.

Water bottle: Staying hydrated at the gym can make or break your workout. Keep a refillable water bottle in your gym bag so you won't have to make back and forth trips to the water fountain. Need a cute one? Check out this bottle!

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Snacks: Working out on an empty stomach is a great way to guarantee a short and ineffective workout. Stash a few power bars in the pockets of your gym bag ensure you won't have to work out hungry. It's also a good idea to pack fruit, like an apple or banana for some healthy energy!

Headphones: Buy an extra set of head phones that you can keep permanently in your gym bag. That way you won't need to to run around the house looking for the tangled pair that always gets moved around.

An extra tank: After a hard workout, staying in a sweaty shirt may not be ideal, especially if you need to run an errand. Invest in some workout clothes that will look great in the gym and the grocery store, like this Zella Feeling Breezy Tank, and keep it as an extra in your gym bag.

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Towel: Sweat towels are often distributed at the gym, but do you really want to use them? While we are sure they wash them after each use, you'll feel more clean and confident if you can tend to your sweaty face with a fresh towel from home.

Shower supplies: A small bag of toiletries are great in case you need to rinse off after your workout. Keep a small bag of travel-sized shampoos and soaps so you are able to freshen up after your workout. Be sure to bring flip-flops with you, because athlete's foot runs rampant in public showers!

Pads and tampons: Don't ruin yet another pair of panties! Keep backup tampons in your gym bag for those extra heavy days!

Sport watch: If you don't wear it every day, your sport watch is a great item to store in your gym bag. You'll be able to better track your workout with a product like a Fitbit or Timex's Woman Ironman Pulse Calculator.

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Hair ties: Hair ties can break at any time, and working out with your hair down is just asking for a terrible time. Keep a few extra hair ties and headbands in your bag to ensure that nothing, not even stray hairs, slows you down.