Get It Right, Get It Tight: Fast Taps on BOSU

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Get it Right Get It Tight

fast taps on bosu

Move Targets: Hamstrings, Glutes, Core

Stand in front of your BOSU ball. Bend both knees and put one foot on the center of the ball. The toe of your shoe should be the only part touching the ball.

The standing leg remains bent so the work goes into the muscles and not the joints.

Time to jump. Quickly take the standing leg and switch places with the foot on the BOSU. The leg returning to the floor should be bent.

>> More jumps? Jumping Side Squats with BOSU

Power, please! Use your arms to help balance and drive the movement. By keeping the legs bent throughout, you can add more athletic power to the switches. Stay low and steady.

Use your core. As your legs change and move, your core shouldn't flinch. It remains strong and solid during every part of the exercise. This makes your transitions easier and doubles as a core workout. Click here to let Skinny Mom's CEO and founder Brooke Griffin walk you through 7 core moves.

Fast Taps on Bosu

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