Top 10 Healthy Meals the Entire Family Will Love

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Family dinners are what brings the family together as one at the end of the day. Oftentimes, it can be easier to order a pizza, throw a salad together and call it a day. It’s easy, but it’s not healthy. Well, here is a list of family-friendly meals that make you want to skip the unhealthy options and go for the wholesome, delicious meals below.

Ultimate Pizza Quesadilla: Pizza and quesadillas sound like a match made in heaven, right? Since the pepperoni is mixed in with the veggies, your kids won’t even notice the bell peppers and mushrooms. This makes for a great family dinner for any day of the week. Plus, it’s contains 32 grams of protein per serving. Enjoy! Click here for the Skinny Mom recipe.

Ultimate Pizza Quesadilla

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Skinny Baked Mac and Cheese with Broccoli: This may look like comfort food, but it isn’t your typical mac and cheese — enter: broccoli. Plus, it takes only 20 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to cook, so this is a quick, healthy dinner you can have with your family before 7 p.m. Try the Skinny Mom recipe here.

skinny baked mac and cheese broccoli

Skinny Florentine Flatbread: You can never go wrong with flatbread because it looks just like pizza — minus the fat, carbs and extra calories. The soft flatbread is topped with tomato, cheese, garlic and much more. Your family might be begging for this meal every night. But it’s okay because it’s the ultimate kid-friendly healthy dinner. Take a look at the Skinny Mom recipe here.

skinny florentine flatbread

Gluten-Free Kale and Chicken Sausage Pasta: If you are taking the gluten-free road, this is the recipe for you. The creamy pasta and kale will melt will. It has 27 grams of protein in it and it’s very low in sugar. With all of this nutritional value, you have to love it. It’s a great way to get the whole family addicted to healthy food. Click here for the Skinny Mom recipe.

gluten free kale and chicken sausage pasta

Skinny Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce: If you’re in the mood for an Italian meal, make this your next family meal. The marinara sauce mixed in with the spaghetti squash, a delectable skinny swap for pasta, will have your whole family wanting more. Click here for the Skinny Mom recipe.

skinny spaghetti squash with meat sauce

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Blackened Chicken with Avocado Cream Sauce: It not only looks delicious, but it’s a healthy meal that you and your family will adore. The boneless chicken breasts are topped with green onions and the avocado cream sauce is made with Greek yogurt. No fat-filled sour cream needed! Click here for the Skinny Mom recipe.

blackened chicken with avocado cream sauce

Skinny Beef Picadillo: This dinner will keep the whole family full for the rest of the night because it’s packed with 25 grams of protein in just one serving. And be sure to add some onions too for an added kick of flavor. Click here for the Skinny Mom recipe.

skinny beef picadillo

Skinny Pork Tacos: Skip Taco Bell; this wholesome meal will satisfy the whole family. These yummy tacos are only 208 calories apiece, and they're full of colorful ingredients like purple cabbage, white shredded cheese and tomato salsa. Take a look at the recipe!


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Lean Turkey and Spinach Lasagna: This protein-filled meal is ideal for the family because lasagna tends to fill everyone up. White mushrooms, spinach and ground turkey are a few of the many skinny ingredients that make this meal perfect. Click here for full recipe.

lean turkey and spinach lasagna

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole: Move aside, chicken noodle casserole; there's a new casserole in town, and it’s the skinny kind. This meal is loaded with quinoa and broccoli, which go great together. Plus, everything is better with cheese and your family would agree with that as well. Click here for the recipe.

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