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Sure, there are plenty of uses for binder clips around your office, but around your house? They might just be laying around in a junk drawer or maybe even still in their original packaging. Check out these ways to use binder clips around your house.

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Money clip: If you or hubby loses a wallet, a binder clip can act as a great temporary money holder until you find it or buy a new one.

Toothpaste tube squeezer: Toothpaste can get messy for the toddlers in your life. To keep the sinks (moderately) toothpaste-free, try using a binder clip for when the tube becomes empty and it's hard for little hands to squeeze out the remaining toothpaste.

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Sponge holder: Sponges can get a little stinky and grimy after they've been sitting in germy water all day. Next time after running it through the dishwasher, prop it up with a binder clip on the kitchen counter to dry it out!

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Food thermometer holder: For easy temperature readings while cooking, simply attach a binder clip to the rim of the pot you're cooking with. Then prop the metal prong up and stick your food thermometer through it to hold it in place. That way, you'll be able to take a quick and accurate reading while you stir!

Kid's drawing pad: Tie a marker or colored pencil to a binder clip and attach the clip to the top of a notepad for an easy homemade drawing pad. That way, your child won't lose the marker and there will be a slot for him to slide the marker when he's finished drawing.

Bookmark: If your nose is always in a book, you know that bookmarks seem to vanish into thin air. To avoid losing your place, just use your binder clip to group the pages of the book you've already read together.

Recipe card holder: For easy access to a recipe card, simply prop it up using two binder clips! You'll have a sturdy base for following the instructions for a new dinner recipe.

Smartphone or tablet dock: If you're more tech-savvy and use your smartphone or tablet to read recipes, don't worry! You can still use binder clips as kitchen helpers. Click here to see Lifehacker's instructions to make your kitchen just a little more accessible, or click here for Instructables' variations.

binder clip smartphone holder
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Pacifier saver: To keep your baby's pacifier from falling to the germ-filled floor, simply use a string or ribbon to tie it to a binder clip, which you will then attach to your baby's shirt or bib. Voila — your very own pacifier clip!

Artwork displayer: To hang your children's artwork, hang a ribbon or string across the wall of their bedroom or playroom. Then use binder clips to attach the artwork to the string. If your kids can't get enough of arts and crafts, this is an easy and quick way to display their creations.

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