10 Ways To Keep Your Young Kids Entertained On a Rainy Day

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kid rainy day

There's no way around it: Rainy days result in bored kids and cranky moms. Instead of turning on the TV and praying for sunshine, get active! With these 10 games and activites, you can keep your kids entrained all afternoon.

Rainbow Room: This is a good game if you're hosting a rainy afternoon playdate. Have the kids stand in a circle around one person. The person in the center will shout out a color. Everyone else must run around the room and put their finger on something of that color. Whoever touches it first gets to stand in the circle next.

Hit the kitchen. A great way to get picky eaters to eat their food is to enlist their help in cooking. Kids are much more excited to eat when they've put in the work! Let them dump in ingredients and do the stirring for your next meal and after, whip up a batch of these simple and delicious Monkey Cookies! You'll kill an hour or two and your meal prep will be taken care of for the day!

skinny monkey oat cookie

Build a fort. Make a fun fort with just enough space to bring in a lamp and a few toys. Everything is more fun inside your own secret clubhouse, so build it away from the TV; that way, they can spend some time in there napping or reading!

Homemade race track: Grab a roll of masking tape and transform a room! You can build the track over the place for endless, customizable fun! Get some inspiration from the Kids Activities Blog and get taping!

race track
(Photo: Kids Activities Blog)

Ballon sports: Fill a few balloons and invent your own game. If your living room has enough space, give your kid a paper plate for a racket and tell them not to let the balloon touch the ground! It's a great way to get them moving around without anything getting broken.

Ice Toy Rescue: Gather small plastic toys and freeze them in a small bowl of water. Put your ice block on a try and give the kids a few tools like water and a water dropper, toy hammers and a dull knife and let them free the trapped toys! You can check it out on Chasing Cheerios for more detailed instructions.

toys in ice
(Photo: Chasing Cheerios)

Fitness board game: The Kids Activities Blog has a great free downloadable board game! Make your way around the board by completing simple exercise moves. Not only will you get to stay active while you play, but you can tire out your kids and hope for a longer afternoon nap! To get the download, click here.

Go camping. Set up your tent in the basement and let the kids spend the day in there! You can make Skinny Gourmet Hot Dogs for lunch and one of these delicious s'more recipes for dessert! Get out your flashlights and play indoor flashlight tag or make shadow puppets!

indoor camping

Freeze Dance: Turn on your kids' favorite tunes and dance until the music stops. As soon as you hit pause, they have to freeze! Encourage some crazy dance moves and see what silly positions they end up in. It's a good way to burn a few calories for mom and tucker out the little ones.

DIY balance beam: Use your masking tape to make a straight line across the floor. Have the kids take turns walking on it without falling off. Make it harder each time by having them hop on one foot, do it backwards, or skip.