Treadmill Revived with Killer Cardio Class

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If you thought the treadmill maxed out on its potential, think again. Treadmill classes are the new wave of group fitness and they’re hitting the industry hard. Imagine a spinning class with intervals, hot music, strategic sprints and inclines mixed with active rest. It becomes a full-body workout, and you won’t realize you’ve spent 45 minutes on the treadmill when it’s all said and done.

treadmill class
(Photo: The New York Times)

If you walk into a treadmill class, you’ll need to learn how to work the command buttons on the machine: how to change speed, add an incline or bring it down and check your heart rate. You’ll need to know how to safely slow down or step off the belt if you need a break. It doesn’t matter what your ability is, you’ll get a killer workout. You don’t need to run a six-minute mile to step into this class. Warm up for this class with these five treadmill workouts you can do on your own.

The instructor will provide a warm-up and cool down. They will be have you change speeds and motivate you through bursts of sprints. You’ll burn hundreds of calories during and after class as your body regulates your cardiovascular system and repairs muscle proteins.

For anyone looking to begin working on their cardio fitness or challenge their running speed, a treadmill class will not disappoint. With several other runners at your side, you’ll find you might push yourself harder in class than you would on the track or your favorite route. If you’ve sworn off the treadmill, give it one more shot with this class. Click here to get inspired to try other hot group fitness classes now!

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