32 Moves To Sculpt Your Upper Body

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Are you ready for tank top weather? We've got upper body fitness moves for every workout, from bodyweight to dumbbells, to help you tone and tighten your arms, shoulders, chest and back!

toned arms


If you don't have time to hit the gym but you don't have any equipment at home, these are the moves for you! We recommend a yoga mat for some moves, but if that's not available, you can use any soft surface.

Bicep Pushup: Really work those biceps with this pushup variation! It's a great way to really target that trouble area and tone your upper arm, so get ready to start flexing! Get details on the move here.

bicep pushup

Chair Dip: Tone those tricky triceps with this chair dip! You can do it at home or even use it as a way to get your blood flowing at work — just be sure you're using a sturdy chair that won't tip over. Check the move out here.

chair dip

Diamond Pushup: Another great pushup variation, not only does this move work your triceps but it really engages your abs for a double whammy workout! Whether you're just focusing on your arms or you're looking to change up your usual routine, this diamond pushup is a great move to use.

diamond pushup

Wall Pushup: Wall pushups are a great way to work out at home. You can do them as a part of your routine or squeeze in a few while waiting for the microwave to finish! Learn the move here.

wall pushup

Stair Pushup: This can be easily done at home on your own steps! Don't have time for a workout this weekend? Do a few reps of this every time you go up and down the steps! Click here for more info.

stair pushup

Stair Dips: In addition to your stair pushups, do some dips too! A few reps each time you go upstairs will have your triceps sore the next day! Learn the details on stair dips here.

stair dip

Tricep Dip: As the name of the move would suggest, you'll get a great tricep workout with this dip. Keep your abs engaged to work them as well! To learn how to properly perform the move, click here.

tricep dip

Arm Extension Plank: Working both your abs and triceps, this move starts out like a classic plank, but then you lift one arm out to the side. This will really force your abs to balance your body while your arm works to keep you up! Learn the move here.

Arm-Extension-Plank_EDIT-2 copy

Rocking Plank: From a normal plank, you'll shift your weight forward, working both your biceps and triceps. It will work your abs in the process as well for a well rounded move! To get step-by-step instructions, click here.

rocking plank


Dumbbells are a great way to tone. You can challenge yourself by moving up to a heavier set, or modify the move by using no weight, or something lighter, like a water bottle!

Horizontal In-and-Outs: Targeting your delts, triceps and biceps, this is a triple threat move! You'll start to feel the burn after a few reps of this move, but keep going as long as you can! Learn this move by clicking here.

horizontal in-and-outs

Bicep Curl Overhead Press: This three-step move is great for building up your biceps! Make sure you keep your feet shoulder-width apart for a steady base and you'll be ready to rock. Click here to see each step.

bicep curl overhead press

Reverse Front Raise: With palms facing upwards, this weighted move will help to tone and tighter your arms. It can be a bit tricky, but stick with it and see how many reps you can get! Learn the move by clicking here.

front reverse raise

Dumbbell Front and Lateral Raise: This four-step move will set your arms on fire! It's great for biceps and triceps but it will also tone your shoulders for an allover upper body burn. This move does involve several steps, though, so make sure you're preforming it properly!

dumbbell front and lateral raise

Shoulder Press: Tone and tighten the upper body by working your shoulders with this move. Be sure you haven't chosen weights that are too heavy, but don't go easy on yourself either! Click here to learn the proper form for the shoulder press.

shoulder press

Cheer Press: Good for both your biceps and shoulders, this move will allow you to become the cheerleader you never were! If this move feels a little too easy, move up to a heavy dumbbell, but don't overdo it! Click here for more info.

cheer press

Dumbbell Row: Your triceps, biceps and shoulders will get a workout with this row. Keep your spine neutral, shoulders down and gaze forward (not at the ground) to ensure that you won't hurt yourself. For more info on properly performing this dumbbell row, click here.

dumbbell row


Kettlebells test your muscles and strength in different ways than dumbbells do, so grab one and get started!

Kettlebell One Arm Floor Press: Lying on your back with feet firmly planted, this one-armed move with help you to tone your chest and triceps. Don't have a kettlebell? Order one here! For more info on this move, click here.

one arm kettlebell press

Kettlebell Around the World: Passing the kettlebell around your body will work your triceps and biceps, but it also works your core too! Try upgrading to a heavier kettlebell if you aren't feeling it with your usual size. Click here to learn more about this around the world exercise.

kettlebell around the world

Double Kettlebell Pushup: With hands placed on the handles of the kettlebells, or on the base if turned on their sides, perform a pushup. You should be feeling it in your biceps and upper abdominal. See step-by-step instructions here.

kettlebell pushup

Kettlebell High Pull: With the kettlebell hanging in front of you, pull it up to chest level. This will make sure your arms are working hard! See how many can be done in 60 seconds. See it done by clicking here.

kettlebell high pull

Kettlebell Renegade Rows: Get your biceps, triceps and shoulders toned with a renegade row! By holding yourself in this position, you can engage your abs while working most of your upper body. Click here to get more info.

kettlebell renegade row


Gliding Forearm Planks: If you don't own gliders, we highly suggest you invest in some! You can buy them online here. Use them for all of your at-home workouts to really tone and tighten! This move will have your whole arm burning and leave you with a satisfying soreness. Click here to learn more.

gliding forearm plank

Intensified Plank: Foam rollers are great for stretching and relieving sore muscles. They're also great for pumping up your plank! Try it out, or even try doing a pushup with it!

intensified plank

Feet on Medicine Ball Pushup: This is your usual pushup but intensified! Having to balance your body's weight on the medicine ball realy engages your core muscles for a full upper body and ab workout! Learn the move by clicking here.

feet on medicine ball

>> Don't have a medicine ball? Order one online today!

Behind Your Back Press: Pilates rings are a great way to change up any workout. Get your own Pilates Ring here. With this move, you can really focus on strengthening your shoulders as well as your biceps and triceps. To get more details, click here.

behind your back press

Standing Arm Press: Another great move brought to you by the Pilates ring! This will have your arms burning (burning fat that is)! You'll be working your arms, back, shoulders and chest. Try out a full Pilates ring workout or just learn this standing arm press.

standing arm press

BOSU Pushup: For an arms and ab workout, try this pushup! Trying to do a pushup while balancing on your BOSU Ball will keep your abs tight and engaged. Try it out here!

bosu pushup

Resistance Band Pull Apart: Work your shoulders with this resistance band move! Be sure you're keeping your arms level with your shoulders as you bring your shoulders blades together! For tips for performing this move, click here.

resistance bandpull apart

Cross Body Punches with Resistance Band: Get your biceps and triceps working with this great move! You'll enjoy the motion of the cross body punch when you work out next! To learn more about the move, click here.

resistance band punches

Resistance Band Curls: Build your biceps with this resistance band curl! It's a great way to focus on your upper arm, so see how many you can do in 60 seconds! Get info on this move here.resistance band curl

Chest Fly on Stability Ball: Engage your abs as you work your biceps with this chest fly! If it's a bit too difficult, you can lay on the floor instead of the ball. To learn the move and modification, click here. You can also try out the reverse chest fly!

chest fly stability ball

Stability Ball Chest Press: Work your chest and arms when you do this press! As a bonus, keeping your body stable will also get your core working. To learn how to properly perform this move, click here.

stability ball chest press