12 Ways To Celebrate Yourself on Mother's Day

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Let's be honest. Being a mom is not an easy task. It's a 24/7 commitment and then some. Once a year, your adorable little monsters will make you breakfast in bed and hubby will buy you a thoughtful gift in their name. This year, treat yourself to Mother's Day.

Sleep in. Let Dad handle the kids' breakfast this morning. Give yourself an extra hour of rest, even if that does mean just lying in the comfort of your own quiet bed.

Grab a coffee. No, not your usual Keurig. Got to the coffee shop and order the over-priced venti vanilla latte that you know you deserve.

coffee mug

Take a walk alone. No strollers and no carrying around the doll your daughter insisted she'd hold on to. Enjoy the sunshine and go on a quiet walk. If you bring your headphones, give this feel-good playlist a listen.

Eat the foods you want. Having kids mean you've probably been eating a lot of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. They'll develop more eclectic taste buds eventually, but until then, take this afternoon and get the sushi you've been craving for lunch.

Have your own wine tasting. Invite the neighborhood moms over and have them each bring over a bottle of wine. Let the dads wrangle the kids while you enjoy some appetizers and find which new wine is your favorite! If you really want to get serious about your wine tasting, order a stack of wine!

stack of wine
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Visit your mom, without the kids. When was the last time you had some quality time with your mom? She loves her grandkids but you're still her little girl. Take an hour to visit your mom and catch up.

Do what you've been wanting to but haven't had the time. Whether that's seeing the new 50 Shades of Grey movie or cleaning out your minivan, do it today. All the Hallmark cards insist it's your day so take advantage of it.

Watch Netflix. No, not the kids' picks. You've been wanting to binge a few episodes of TV, so settle down with a snack and enjoy an hour or two of guilt-free Mob Wives or Grey's Anatomy.

woman watching tv

Don't do chores. It's your day. Don't spend it cleaning like you usually would. Let this one weekend day go by letting the dirty dishes stay in the sink so you can enjoy some free time. Or better yet, ask hubby or the kids to do them!

Freshen your face. Today is special! Go to the department store makeup counter and get a makeup tutorial. Even if you don't buy anything new, it's still fun!

Online shop. While you Netflix binge, download the Amazon app and order that thing you've been wanting. Whether it's a BOSU Ball for your home gym or a new attachment for your KitchenAid Mixer, treat yourself! In a few days' time, you'll have a present delivered to your door.

Finish with a bubble bath. After the kids are in bed and you know you won't be interrupted, draw a hot bath with a ridiculous amount of bubbles. Pour a glass of wine and settle in for a relaxing soak.

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