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Do you have a tough ink stain or stubborn sticker residue that you can't get rid of? The solution may lie in an unexpected bottle of nail polish remover! Check out these alternative ways to use nail polish remover around the house.

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Clean stains off your china: If someone accidentally let their tea sit a bit too long in your fine china, try using nail polish remover to get the stain out. Then wash the teacup as you normally would.

Remove a bathtub ring: Dilute some nail polish remover with water and use a stiff brush to rub away the yucky bathtub ring once and for all!

Dissolve superglue: Did someone superglue their fingers together? It's all fun and games until they actually can't pull their forefinger and thumb apart. Just use some nail polish remover to dissolve it and save the day.

Remove ink stains: It wouldn't be a school day without someone coming home with ink all over their shirt. Simply dab a nail polish remover-soaked cotton ball on the ink stain and watch it disappear before your eyes. If the fabric is colored, you might want to test it on a small hidden area first.

Sanitize your razorblades: To keep your razorblades clean and grime-free, try dunking them in nail polish remover after using them.


Remove permanent marker: Kids sometimes think the world is their playground — or art canvas. If you've got a mess of permanent marker on the playroom wall, try rubbing it off with nail polish remover. The room might smell like acetone for a while, but at least the walls will be clean!

Clean your computer keyboard: Keyboards are tricky to clean, but think of all the lingering germs on and in between the keys! Use nail polish remover and cotton balls to get the keys, and then use a Q-tip for the tough-to-reach spots in between the keys.

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Remove scuff marks off your kitchen floor: Little ones racing around the house on a rainy day results in scuff marks on the tile floor. Next time you can't remove the scuff marks from tile, linoleum or concrete (never wood), scrub them with nail polish remover. Then use warm soapy water to wash it all away. Interested in more homemade cleaners? Click here!

Remove paint from windows: If you've successfully painted a room without dripping or accidentally painting on a window, congratulations. If not, you're not alone. Try dabbing the paint on the window with nail polish remover. Let it sit for a while, then rub the dried paint away with a dry cloth!

Remove sticker residue from glass or metal: When Goo Gone is nowhere to be found and you can't get the sticker residue off of glass or metal, try nail polish remover instead.

What are some of your favorite household hacks for nail polish? Share with us in the comments below!