6 Online Fitness Shops We're Loving Right Now

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In today's day and age, online shopping is often more convenient than doing so in person. By shopping online, you can find styles, sizes and colors that have never been available to you before, and with just a click! Here are six online stores that we love to use for all our fitness needs.

FABletics: Set up in a membership program, FABletics is founded by super fit mom Kate Hudson. Each month you can pick out a new outfit to support your shopping and gym habit. With clothes like these, you'll want to go to the gym just to show off your new printed leggings. Check out FABletics here.

(Photo: FABletics)

Overstock: When it comes to getting a deal, Overstock is a great source. We love it for holiday gift giving, finding new kitchen equipment and filling our home gym! If you're looking to invest in equipment, Overstock is a great option.

(Photo: Overstock)

The Clymb: Are you an outdoorsy woman? If you enjoy a good hike or an adventurous workout, The Clymb is for you! By becoming a member you can benefit in exclusive deals that you won't find anywhere else, from workout apparel to adventuring equipment. Look for your next deal on The Clymb by clicking here.

The Clymb
(Photo: The Clymb)

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Activewear USA: With a huge variety, Activewear USA gives you an option for anything and everything you need, from a colorful sports bra to basic black leggings. Whatever you need, Activewear can provide!

Rese Natalie Legging
(Photo: Activewear USA)

prAna: Member of both the Fair Labor Association and Blue Sign, prAna is dedicated to ensuring fair labor and safety laws with their American-made product. They also offer a wide variety of apparel that is both fashionable and functional. Click here to check out their site.

(Photo: prAna)

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Lucy: With the latest trends always covered, Lucy offers a high quality product in a variety of colors! With this site, you can find anything to fit your style, from basic blacks to funky straps and necklines. Check out the site here.

(Photo: Lucy)