Best Places to Live if You Want to Bike to Work

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May is National Bike Month, so pump up your tires and click into third gear. In the past decade, the number of people who bike to work rose 60 percent according to census data. Bicyclist commuters remain a small demographic, but many cities are seeing an increase in commuters who choose two wheels over four to get to work. Some cities are investing in bike share programs, allowing commuters to ditch the car at a car park and mosey through city streets with ease.

Not surprisingly, bikers feel happier when rolling through city streets with the wind whipping through their hair than those commuters stuck in cars. After all, exercise has a huge impact on how we feel going through our days. A leisurely bike ride can burn over 200 calories, so getting yourself to and from work could easily replace a nighttime workout. So, what cities are most compatible for those commuters looking to ditch the confines of a car?

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Bicycling Magazine published its 2014 rankings of the best cities for cyclists, which is not solely based on census data, but on the amount of money each city spent on cycling, such as bike lanes and gear, and on interviews with residents. From big cities to small towns and everything in between, biking to work is speeding up with commuters. Here are the top 50 bike-friendly cities, according to Bicycling Magazine.

top 50 cities for biking

Commuting to work via bicycle is not an option for everyone, but spring has sprung and summer is waiting on the horizon, begging us all to get out in the open air and enjoy some bike riding bliss.