Diaper Bag Essentials For You and Baby

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When you're mid-errand and the baby won't stop crying, you better hope that you've got your arsenal of mommy products stashed in the diaper bag! What all should you have prepared? We've got some suggestions.

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Blanket: If nap time strikes and baby needs a snuggle, having her favorite blanket on hand is never a bad idea. Blankets are also helpful to cover up if you're nursing.

Sunscreen and bug spray: Battle the elements with sunscreen and bug spray. Both will keep your baby safe and prevent a burn or bite! Here's a great 60 SPF sunscreen and a travel-sized bug spray with no harsh chemicals!

Sippy cup: You can't trust the kids' cup that restaurants serve. If you think there's a spill in your near future when you try and have a lunch date with an old friend, you'd better provide your own liquids! Here's a sippy cup we love, and for other kid-friendly utensils, click here!

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Favorite toy: Keep a small toy in the bag to distract your little one during his next tantrum. Who knows? It could just ease the pain of the next public tantrum.

Extra clothes: Spills and accidents are a common occurrence among small children. Keep an extra outfit in your diaper bag for an easy cleanup. Make sure extra socks are in the bag, because babies are always losing their socks. You may even want to consider keeping them in a gallon zip-close bag so there's something to put the messy clothes in later.

Diapers, wipes and changing pad: Potty time is going to hit whether you're ready or not. Be sure you have several diapers and and some wipes to keep the baby fresh. And because not every surface is welcoming to a baby's bottom, keep a fold-up changing pad for cleanup!

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Hand sanitizer: After you've done the diaper change, you'll want to clean yourself up. Because you won't always be able to do it in a bathroom, keep sanitizer in your bag.

Snacks: Cranky kids are often the result of a hungry kid. Make sure you've got some snacks stored in the diaper bag for when hunger strikes. On that note, you'll want a bib too. Here are 6 snacks kids love and moms approve!

Reusable placemats: If you're taking the baby to a restaurant, use a reusable placemat to keep the baby's finger food off a potentially dirty table. Here's a great kids placemat you can buy online.

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Money and important phone numbers: Chasing around a young kid often leads to forgetting important things, like your phone or wallet. Keep just a little cash in your diaper bag for emergencies. Don't forget important numbers, like your pediatrician, just in case you don't have your cell during an emergency.

Hat: Whether a winter or summer baby, you'll want to keep the baby warm or away from the sun!