Create a Custom Green Oasis in Your Home

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Freshen up your kitchen or living room with a burst of green. More than your potted fern that attracts your cat, these custom indoor gardens will purify the air and relieve your stress. They’re easy to maintain and you don’t need to worry about outdoor pests or weather shifts!

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If you’re not feeling too creative, pick up a ceramic pot from the hardware store for a couples bucks and pair it with a pre-potted plant. These are easy to maintain because the pot will have drainage at the bottom to avoid over-watering, and the plant is already mature enough to withstand a little bit of forgetfulness on your part. Plus, the watering doesn’t need to happen every day.

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The Jade plant grows slowly and lives forever. Its succulent leaves retain water and it likes to be in the sunlight.

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The Rubber Tree also likes to be in the sun and doesn’t require much watering, and it can tolerate temperatures from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Maybe you love green, but you also love a pop of purple or pink. Petals always offer a feminine touch. These guys are a little more picky with the watering routine, so make sure they’re placed somewhere you’ll notice every day. Make sure to water directly into the soil instead of splashing the leaves and petals.

The African Violet blooms beautifully over and over again. It prefers filtered light, so you can place this next to your desk or in the corner of your living room.

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The Orchid is a tall, elegant plant. You can actually water these with an ice cube! Just place a cube at the bottom of the stem every two to three days, and let it slowly melt. 



There’s something about nurturing your own plants from seed to the first bud. If you’re looking to do this, you’ll need to make a mini greenhouse. Pick up a wide, deep glass vase approximately two gallons in size. You’ll need potting soil, a handful of pebbles and your seeds or baby buds. Pour the pebbles in first; these will act as a draining system. Make a hole for your plants, at least twice a big as the roots so when you cover it, so the roots can easily stretch through the loose soil.

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Place in the window: The warmth and humidity from direct sunlight will act like a tiny tropical environment. Try basil, aloe or peppers.

Light with a bulb: Try bamboo, ficus or English ivy.

Tuck into the shade: Try Peace Lily, cactus or any coleus plants (vibrant, colorful leaves).

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