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It might sound sticky, but there are many ways to use hairspray rather than to keep your hair in just the right spot. Check under your cabinet... aren't there three or four different bottles of hairspray down there? Because you probably don't burn through four bottles per week, check out some of these tips about using your hairspray in unusual ways around the house. The house? But my house doesn't have hair!

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Keep your makeup perfectly in place. If you know that doing your makeup every day is worth it, then try this helpful trick! After applying your usual in the morning, lean your head back and shoot a spritz of hairspray towards the ceiling. Wait for the hairspray to settle on your face, and after that you're good to go! No sticky feeling and no runny eye makeup in the heat of the day!

Keep the zipper on your jeans from falling down. "Your fly is down." How many times have we heard that? It's embarrassing, and then we have to do an awkward hip wiggle to get that sucker back into place. Spraying the teeth of the zipper will help hold them together like glue. Best for use on older jeans, the ones we wear the most!

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Flower saver: This one might go against the gardening handbook, but giving the blooms in your vases a little spritz after you cut them with ensure another day or two before wilting. Only spray the undersides of the leaves and petals.

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Ink remover: Someone accidentally got permanent marker on your sofa. Was it in their back pocket? Was it arts and crafts time? No matter, remove permanent marker stains on any cloth material by first dabbing it with water and then dabbing it with a towel you've sprayed with hairspray. You will see the ink transferring from the cloth to the towel.

Needle threader: Never get frustrated with your thread not going through the eye of the needle again. For people who love to sew, but despise threading the needles, spray the thread once to stiffen the end, making it much easier to go through the eye.

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Dry shampoo: An older trick in the book of hairspray, this hack works because the alcohol in the spray will absorb excess oil in your hair. If you have no time to shampoo, massage some hairspray into your roots. As an added bonus, you'll bump up the volume of your hair. As the hot summer approaches, click here for advice to keep your hair in tip top shape!

Stop a pantyhose run. The most annoying part of wearing pantyhose is seeing those runs only days after buying them. Halt them in their tracks by quickly spraying the run as soon as you notice it. Another good tip is to give a light spray over your pantyhose before slipping them on; this will stop runs before they begin. On days where you know you'll be wearing pantyhose, grab a travel size hairspray to keep in your purse for possible runs.

Keep drapes dirt-free Apply a few coats to your new drapes, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. This ensures longevity for your colorful curtain drapes, and keeps dirt off of just-washed drapes to keep them looking like-new.

Keep recipe cards splatter free Preserve the recipe for your great-grandmother's marinara sauce by spraying the recipe cards with hairspray. It works like laminating the paper, and sauce explosions wipe off easily!

And let's not forget the best and most important use: killing spiders.