Get It Right, Get It Tight: Ab Roll Up

| Fitness

Get it Right Get It Tight

Move targets: Core

Lie down, roll up. Begin this move on the floor with hands at your sides, palms down. Bring the feet together and straighten the legs above the hips.

Bring it back. Act like a string is attached to your feet, pulling them backward until they're above your eye line. Press into the floor with the lats and shoulders for stability. Tip: To gain momentum, you can tuck your knees in toward your chest before extend them upward.

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Get up, get up. Quickly lower the legs as one unit, long and strong, bending the knees at the last second so you can shift your weight to your feet. Stand up without relying too much on your hands to push you.

Repeat the roll. Bend the knees as you guide yourself back to the ground, fluidly going into the next rep. This move really relies on solid momentum and pace.