When to Ditch Your Old Fitness Gear

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You may need to inspect your gear to see if it's outdated, because there are telltale signs when it's time to upgrade! Fitness apparel is pricey, but wearing worn out sports bras or running in shabby sneakers can indeed be dangerous. Saggy swimsuits, stretched-out bras and sinking holes in the soles of your shoes are good signs that your gear isn't working at optimal levels. And replacing your gear on time will make your next workout more comfortable and appealing. Cosmopolitan published this list with when to replace your sportswear and how to make it last longer!

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Gym leggings: Replace your yoga pants and spandex leggings when they're far too stretched out to comfortably snap to your body. Choosing leggings that are primarily spandex, which is a blend of cotton and polyester, adds stretch, comfort and fit to athletic garments. Most spandex clothing has a lifespan of six months to a year.

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Sports bras: Replace your booby hammocks when you find that the band is stretched out, you need a second bra for adequate support, it has malfunctioning clasps or simply looks faded. The average lifespan of a sports bra is six months to a year.

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Tops: Most athletic tops are made of performance fabrics and last a long time. Polyester fabrics are great for tops because they release the heat and moisture more so than cotton. When your top has stains because of deodorant residue and starts to smell horribly, it's time to replace that sucker. Most athletic tops have an infinite lifespan, given that you care for them correctly!

Workout shoes: For the mama on the move, it is important to have supportive shoes and notice the signs of decay. Signs of wear and tear include worn down tread on the bottom of the shoe, wrinkled foam on the side of the shoe, holes in the fabric and generally misshapen appearance. Also replace your shoes if they smell funky. Most tennis shoes have a lifespan of one year.

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Swimsuits: Unsurprisingly, swimsuits are subject to far more wear and tear because of pool chemicals, exposure to the sun and salt water. Swimmers should notice the signs of a deteriorating suit: a saggy suit that easily fills up with water, stretchy straps and threads that are starting to fray away. If you buy a swimsuit that fits snugly to your body and doesn't allow water to swish around inside, the lifespan should be a few years. If you're unsure about which swimsuit would best fit your body type, check out this awesome list of 100 swimsuits for every woman! 

Headphones: Buying a nice pair of headphones that are water- and sweat-resistant is a good place to start. Avoid shoving them into your bag after a workout, as folding over the wires will accelerate how fast they deteriorate. If the sound starts to fade out, it's time to replace them. A good brand of headphones will last you a few years.

Bike helmet: If the lining starts to fray or you find cracks in the plastic, it's definitely time to replace it! If you avoid dropping your helmet and store it in a cool place away from garage fumes and sunlight, your helmet should have a lifespan of around five years.

Yoga mat: Most yoga mats are made to last, but will deteriorate depending on the intensity of your practice. If you start to see sinking spots where you place your hands and feet, or if the material starts to flake, it is probably time to invest in a new mat. Practicing on a tattered mat will not give you the support you need. Yoga mats can have a lifespan of upwards of five years, given that you wipe it down after each practice and store it in a cool environment.


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