50 Ways to Get Your Family Outside and Active This Summer

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Summer means one thing to kids: School's out. For them, it's a reason to celebrate. For moms, it means more quality time with your little bundles of joy, but also a few hours less of sleep, way more cleaning, and about 10 times the amount of child rearing. It also means less time for yourself. If you thought it was hard to get active when the kids were at school, imagine how hard it will be when they're at home all day. With these 50 ideas, you can get in some more fitness and exercise while wearing them out as well!

active family

Take a weekend and go camping!

Test out local trails for a morning hike.

Hit the swim club and spend your afternoon swimming!

Try out this pool workout while the kids play!

Have a daily walk. Make it a morning routine or do it every day after lunch (and before nap time)!

Make an outdoor obstacle course using chalk, cardboard boxes and more. Have the kids do it backwards, on one foot and more! Make sure you do it too.

Play tag!

Get the kids to help you make a skinny desert like these Monkey Oat Cookies and some lemonade and have a lemonade stand.

Try out every park in your area. Make "park passports" to make it exciting!

Take a sensory walk. When walking through the park, stop every few minutes and have the kids point out what they see, hear, smell and feel (we don't recommend tasting things at the park)!


While you're at the park, try this Playground Workout.

Make a giant hopscotch out of chalk.

Run relay races in the yard.

Buy a trampoline!

Take the dog for a walk with the family. Don't have a dog? Off to take the neighbors!

Give roller blading a try!


Take the kids to the local high school football field. While they play, you can run the stairs!

Organize a giant game of capture the flag with all the neighbor hood kids AND their parents!

Buy a frisbee and bring it to the park.

Bring the kids to a local basketball court and shoot some hoops.


See if you can do a better cartwheel than your kids. You can all work on this all summer long!

Get a scooter, like this one, for each of the kids. Jog along with them through the neighborhood!

Bike to your favorite lunch spot with the kids.

Go putt-putting.

Go to a local farm and pick berries with the kids.

Get the kids to try yoga with you... in the backyard! Click here for the health benefits of doing yoga with your kids.

mom and child yoga

Have a hula hoop contest with the kids.

Turn on the sprinklers and pretend you're a kid again. We even have the perfect swimsuit for you!

Sign up the whole family for a 5k and power walk it together.

Kick around a soccer ball.

Want more? Keep going!

two young kids gardening

Get the kids to help you pull weeds in the garden.

Bring your Twister mat into the front yard and play outside.

See who can jump rope the longest: you or the kids.

Make a chalk target in the driveway and throw wet sponges until it disappears.

Organize a massive water gun fight for parents and kids!

Design an animal, insect and plant scavenger hunt at the park.

In the park

Have an alphabet hunt on your next walk in the park. Try and find something that begins with every letter.

Use recyclables like plastic bottles and turn them into a boat you can float at the park!

Grab a bucket and some sponges and get the kids to help you wash the car. You can even do the bikes and scooters too!

Play flashlight tag after dark.

picnic basket

Have a healthy picnic in the park!

Go fly a kite! Either order one online or try making your own out of paper and string with lots of markers!

Draw life-sized family portraits with sidewalk chalk.

Go stargazing at the park after dinner and point out the Big and Little Dippers. Then make your own constellations!

Make a fun outdoor shower with a shower head and a garden hose!

See how long you and the kids can keep a volleyball in the air.


Set up a tent in the back yard. It's work for you and will provide hours of fun for the kids.

Make "natural bracelets" at the park by wrapping duct tape around your wrist (sticky side out) and stick on leaves, small rocks, sticks and more!

Decorate your bikes and have a parade!

Go to the farmers' market and give each kid $5 or $10 to spend. It's a great way to get off the couch and to teach them about money.