30-Day Pushup Challenge

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If you're looking to show off those toned and tanned triceps this tank top season, you're going to love our 30-Day Pushup Challenge!

For the next 30 days, complete the allotted reps of the pushup variations (in addition to your normal workouts) every day. If you're new to the pushup world, we recommend starting with the Beginner Pushup Challenge. If you can do pushups in your sleep, try the Advanced Challenge! Because the pushup variations can be a bit tricky, we've linked below to photos and videos showing the correct form for every day of each challenge.

Print out the downloadable PDF and check “I DID IT” after you complete each day and you'll be well on your way to perfectly toned arms!

pushup challenge beginner

Click on each exercise below to see correct form for each move in the Beginner Challenge:

Wall Pushup | Knee Pushup | Plank Pushup | Plank (toes or knees) | Traditional Pushup | Burpee | Wide Leg Pushup | Pushup Jack

pushup challenge

Day 1: Traditional Pushup

Day 2: Countertop Pushup

Day 3: Shoulder Taps

Day 4: Plank Reaches

Day 5: Plank Jacks

Day 6: Tempo Pushups

Day 7: Tricep Exention

Day 8: Tricep Press Hold

Day 9: Tricep Pushup

Day 10: Tricep Dips

Day 11: Wide Pushup

Day 12: Boat Crunches

Day 13: Tricep Pushup

Day 14: Hug A Tree

Day 15: Lateral Pushup

Day 16: Pushup 360

Day 17: Plyometric Pushup

Day 18: Scapular Pushup

Day 19: Plyometric Pushup

Day 20: Chaturunga to Down Dog

Day 21: Renegade Rows

Day 22: Clap Pushup Step 1

Day 23: Clap Pushup Step 2

Day 24: Clap Pushup

Day 25: Reptile Pushup

Day 26: Pushup Double Knee Tap

Day 27: Elevated Pushup with Knee Slap

Day 28: Pushup with Tricep Extension

Day 29: Turkish Get Up

Day 30: Traditional

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