Get It Right, Get It Tight: Side Plank Clamshells

| Fitness

Get it Right Get It Tight

Move Targets: Glutes and Obliques

Find your alignment. Come down to the floor on your side, propping yourself up by the elbow and bottom knee. The elbow needs to be directly under the shoulder with the forearm stretching straight ahead. The knee and shoulder should be in the same straight line and the hips cannot hinge backward.

Open and close without moving your hips. Stack the knees to begin. Then open the top leg to full extension then close it to complete one rep. Be mindful of your hips — they tend to move up and down as you open and close the top leg. Stay still and solid.

Brace through the side abs. By squeezing your obliques, you’ll be able to stabilize the entire movement. You will never release this squeeze until you’re finished with all of your reps.

side plank clamshell

Make it harder. Add a mini band at or above the knees for more resistance.