Balancing Motherhood, Life at a Startup, and Fitness: EverydayHappy

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We are excited to share with you an interview from a team member over at EverydayHappy. What is EverydayHappy? It is a group of moms and dads who use their respect for healthy, sustainable living to better the earth for their kids' futures. Their team includes a variety of stay-at-home parents, writers, programmers, and more in order to make sure that safe and natural ingredients are the only ones used in products their children consume and use. The team interviewed their in-house blogger, Elle, about balancing motherhood, a strict fitness routine, and working at a startup, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Tell me a bit about what inspired you to take part in the New York City Marathon.

Elle: It's my first NY Marathon, but my second go at the whole 26.2 thing. I was inspired to do this race because, well, hello! It's the New York City Marathon, the biggest running race in the world. I've always asked my husband to take me on a trip to the Big Apple, so I just had to make it happen myself!

Q: What is your training routine looking like these days?

Elle: The marathon's in November, so right now I'm training for some intermediary races before then. My awesome coach, Michael Liberzon of X3 Training, has me doing workouts five days a week; a mix of hard, easy, endurance and even cycling. I have loved working with a coach because I don't have a lot of time to fool around. Each workout has to really count and he keeps me on track. Also, since I've started I've only missed ONE workout — accountability makes a really big difference!

elle everydayhappy marathon photo

Q: Any quirky/fun rituals you turn to in the days (or minutes) before a race?

Elle: Like most runners, my pre-race ritual includes hopping around anxiously, praying that my GPS watch syncs up before the gun goes off. Seriously, though, for important races, I always wear this hat that my son wrote his name on. When the miles get really hard and I question my life choices/sanity/will to live, I remember his name on my hat and just mom the heck out of the rest of the race!

Q: What is the best part about running? How about the most challenging? Especially as a mom…

Elle: The best part of running, for me, is just how darn flexible it is. If I need me time, I go out by myself. If I miss my kid, I bring him along in the jogger. If I need some time with the mister, we make it a date. I even use it for commuting and running errands. It's my best fitness option because all I need to do is leave my front steps and I'm there, I don't have to drive to a gym or anything.

The hardest part of running is keeping perspective. I'm into instant gratification and with running, that ain't the name of the game. It all takes time, and it all takes patience, too.

The other little benefit I love is that running burns hella calories, so I don't have to deny all my cheats all the time. I'm free to indulge guilt-free now and then!

Q: How did you first come together with EverydayHappy and what is your role in the company?

Elle: In my first encounter with EverydayHappy, I met with our president. He impressed me so much with his desire to really make changes in the way that parents go about baby care. I'm the community manager, so a lot of what I do centers around curating the brand’s image and voice. I'm sort of a goofball and I really do care about making a positive impact, so it's been the best fit. We don't want to be boring, because none of the people who work here are!

elle everydayhappy office photo Q: If you were to describe the brand to someone who has never heard of it before, what would you say?

Elle: EverydayHappy is made for modern families, and is meant to make being eco-friendly the easiest choice ever. Look, it's a little pessimistic, but until better choices become more mainstream and affordable, not a lot of people are super into giving up convenience for the greater good of the planet.  And, we totally get that. With what we're doing, you don't have to make that choice at all — you can have both.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of working for a startup in the baby industry? The toughest part?

Elle: The best part is the people. When you work at a startup, you have to be passionate. Everything you do has a direct impact on your coworkers and the jobs they're trying to get done. Our team works so well together, we all want to do our best and help each other out.

The toughest thing is that it can be pretty stressful. You kind of have to invent new practices and keep the ideas flowing all day long. But, that's also part of the reward -- it's really something we're building together. Wow, really cheesy! It's all true, though.

Q: Being a working mom balancing parenting, a job and running all. the. time, what is the best piece of advice you could share with fellow moms? How about the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself?

Elle: Somewhat ironically, my advice is don't sweat it. The way to being the best mom you can be is by being fulfilled in your own life. Make time for you — you are damn important. It's so much easier to be an awesome mom, partner, athlete and human being when you're feeling good inside. Go easy on yourself sometimes!

The biggest thing I've learned about myself is that no matter how fit I am or how cute my outfit is, 95% of my race photos should never see the light of day.