Side Plank Hip Abduction with Resistance Band

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Move Targets: Obliques, Glutes and Abductor


Step 1: Wrap a mini band around the legs, approximately 4 inches above the knees. If you're using one with handles, loop one handle through the other to create a circle and hold the loose end down with the stabilizing hand, which will be placed underneath the shoulder. All of your weight should be in your supporting hand and bottom leg.


Step 2: By squeezing your top glute, raise the top leg as high as you feel comfortable. Try to keep all of the work in the glute and the bottom oblique instead of shifting your weight to the hand. Side-Plank-Abduction-2

Step 3: Lower the top leg until your foot taps the floor. This is not a resting point! Your hips will try to hinge backward at this point, so keep the core braced to maintain your alignment.

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