Tricep Pull with Resistance Band

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Move Targets: Triceps and Chest


Step 1: Grab the band so there's about 6 to 12 inches of space between your hands with no slack in the band. You can loop it around your hands for a better grip. Here, Real Mom Model Amanda is standing with soft knees in an upright position, but you can also come down into a half squat, hips behind you, leaning forward about 30 to 45 degrees with a straight spine like she does in her I'm With The Band Workout [VIDEO].


Step 2: Pull the band apart until your hands are in line with your shoulders, but keep your elbows soft. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and steer this exercise with your triceps.


Step 3: When you release back to the original position, keep the band tight. Move it back slowly with good control so work the opposite function of the triceps.

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