Low Leg Pump

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Move Targets: Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings


Step 1: Grab onto the edges of your chair and plant one foot a few inches in front of it. Come into a narrow squat and lift one foot off the ground so the toe is barely touching it. Keep the knee of your standing leg behind the toes with weight in the heel. Note: If you're on the taller end, scoot your foot back a little more or try using a countertop or higher surface that's sturdy.


Step 2: Lift the foot off the ground by no more than an inch or so and send it back as far as you can reach. Press into the heel of your supporting leg while maintaining a neutral spine.


Step 3: Bring the toe up again, just an inch or so, as the knee comes back to the other knee. Tap the toe on the floor when you hit the front and again when you hit the back.

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