Plié Tip Toe Squat with Chair

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Move Targets: Glutes, Quads and Calves


Step 1: Holding the back of your chair with one hand, come into a wide stance with feet outside of the shoulders. Have your toes point about 45 degrees out or more if you can. Place the other hand on your hip. Brace the abs and tuck the tailbone toward the front. Come onto the balls of your feet.


Step 2: Drop the heels as you lower into a plié squat. Keep the pelvis over the imaginary line going between your two feet instead of sending your hips behind you like you would for a traditional squat. Go as low as you can. Click here to try it without a chair. Plie_Tip_Toe_Squats_RESIZED_02

Step 3: Press up into your heel raise again to complete one rep. The core needs to be tight throughout this exercise to keep your body in proper alignment.

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