Step Ups with Knee Lift

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Move Targets: Glutes


Step 1: Place your chair on a stable surface with plenty of space around you. Stand on top of the chair with most of your weight in one foot. Lift the other leg up to begin the exercise with a knee lift. Note: If you do not have a sturdy chair or do not feel comfortable using one, please use a step, box or stair. It can also be performed without any equipment. Click here to try a variation of this exercise.


Step 2: Send the leg slightly behind you and make contact with the floor. At this point, both of your knees will bend. The bottom leg is not in a lunge, but a "soft" of bent position to catch the weight before you lift up again. Tuck the pelvis in and keep the core tight.


Step 3: Press into the front leg on the chair to lift yourself up again. You should feel the fire in that glute and quad. Keep your body upright and look straight ahead to help your balance.

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