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Plastic wrap is an essential household item that we stick in a cabinet or drawer only to get it out when we want to preserve food. But what if there were a way to get more out of plastic wrap than just to cover food?

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Prevent bottle leakage. Traveling for the weekend and worried your shampoo bottle may leak inside your suitcase? Well, fear no more! By covering your toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, or body wash, with plastic wrap and then placing the bottle cap on top, this can prevent any possible leakage while traveling.

Avoid banana bruises. According to Washington Post, when covering the stems of bananas with plastic wrap, this helps prevent the release of ethylene gas, which can cause bananas to ripen at a slower rate.

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Pack and protect clothes on hangers. The old garbage bag method when it comes to packing hanging clothes is usually a go-to when it comes to moving. The problem with that, however, is that not all dresses and skirts fit in the garbage bag, so you may have to bunch them up in order to close the bag. Although that is a useful method, plastic wrap is another method that can allow you to move your clothes while still on the hanger. Just pull together your clothing hangers with a twist tie, then wrap your clothes in plastic wrap, giving protection and easy mobility!

Keep ice cream fresh. Avoid freezer burn on your ice cream by placing a piece of plastic wrap tightly between the container and lid. By helping keep the air out of the container, the ice cream stays creamier and fresher for longer!

Perfectly poach eggs. Struggling to make eggs Benedict for breakfast? Try using plastic wrap to cook a poached egg without breaking the yolk out! To do this you must first fill water halfway in a small saucepan, and boil at a low-medium heat. Next tear off a piece of plastic wrap and spread a few drops of olive oil around the wrap to prevent the egg from sticking. Place the plastic wrap in a small bowl and crack the egg into the wrap. Gather the edges of the wrap and tie it so the egg is enclosed. Cook the egg for about three minutes until the egg whites appear, and finally unravel the egg onto some toast or a plate, and you will have a perfect poached egg!

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Keep the cold out. According to Huffington Post, placing plastic wrap over your window is a way to lower your energy bill and help keep the cold out of your home during the frigid winter seasons. After placing the plastic wrap over your window, blow-dry to to eliminate wrinkles and stretch the plastic wrap out.

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Have clean and sticky-free refrigerator shelves: When food or liquids spill in the refrigerator, why go through the hassle of cleaning the shelves when you can just replace the plastic wrap? By lining your refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap or wax paper, it's easier to keep shelves stick-free and clean if food or drink happen to spill.