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You may first think to look at Pinterest when searching for a new recipe, motivating workout or even just a little pick-me-up, but look no further than Instagram for all your inspiration needs! Made for simple photo and video sharing, you can find great ideas for healthy family dinners and fun exercises. You can find moving stories from the most unlikely of athletes, and even find motivation for the days you need a little laugh or a new quote to stick to your fridge. Whatever you're looking for, these exciting Instagrammers are worth a follow for food and fitness inspiration, as well as some daily motivation and humor.


@leesamantha: Samantha Lee is a mother from Malaysia who loves to create exciting, healthy meals from fresh ingredients for her two daughters. She started styling food in 2008 to help her eldest daughter try new foods and eat independently. Since she began sharing her food art on Instagram, Samantha has gained a following of nearly 700,000 accounts. She has created food in the shapes of Barbie, Wonder Woman, Despicable Me's minions and the "Angry (Birds) Burger" below.

samantha lee
(Photo: @leesamantha via Instagram)

@alexandracooks: Alexandra Stafford is a New Yorker and mother of four who has a passion for creating delicious concoctions. She cooks with a buy fresh, buy local mindset and strongly supports community supported agriculture (CSA), in which consumers develop a relationship with their local farmers. If her pictures are enough to make your mouth water, you're in luck! Alexandra always shares her tasty recipes on her award-winning blog Alexandra's Kitchen.

alexandracooks strawberry tart
(Photo: @alexandracooks via Instagram)

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@chocolatecoveredkatie: If you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle but can't shake your constant dessert cravings, Chocolate Covered Katie is a must-follow. The baker behind the blog is Katie Higgins, who believes that "happiness and health go hand in hand, and how can you be happy if you're not eating what you truly desire?" This is why she chose to create classic desserts that are raw, sugar-free, vegan and healthier than traditional cookies and cakes. The Raw Chocolate Fudge Balls shown below, Katie said, are "both low-fat and completely nut free!"

chocolate fudge balls
(Photo: @chocolatecoveredkatie via Instagram)

Fit Everyday Moms

@kellyranae00: Kelly is a full-time working mother of two who shares her progress to becoming a fit mom through Instagram. Her photographic life story includes workout pictures and progress photos, shares family meals and her adorable kids. She's also a mother after our own hearts by sporting this coffee-craving tee below, since even healthy moms need their daily liquid motivation.

(Photo: @kellyranae00 via Instagram)

@ericafitlove: Another full-time working mom, Erica documents her entire weight loss journey on Instagram to inspire others to reach their goals, too. Full of motivating progress photos, intense workouts and even her love of doughnuts, Erica shares how she lost 157 pounds — nearly half her peak body weight. In the caption for the photo below, Erica wrote, "With your workout at home, in a park or at the gym, tell yourself, 'I fuel my own fire,' and own it."

ericafitlove gym
(Photo: @ericafitlove via Instagram)

Inspiring Athletes

@kacycatanzaro: Not everyone's fitness journey is centered around losing weight or slimming up. For Kacy Catanzaro, a woman you may recognize from NBC's American Ninja Warrior, it's about accomplishing her goals despite being only 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. She regularly shares training updates, photos of her fitness dates with boyfriend and fellow ANW contestant Brent Steffensen and motivational videos to nearly 100,000 "Mighty Kacy" fans. There is a lot of inspiration in that petite body.

(Photo: kacy catanzaro and brent steffenson
Photo Credit: @kacycatanzaro via Instagram)

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@mynameisjessamyn: Jessamyn is a yoga instructor whose classes "celebrate students' bodies and encourage them to ask, 'How do I feel?' rather than, 'How do I look?'". A self-proclaimed "Fat Femme," her photo feed is filled with advanced, inverted yoga poses and inspiring messages, proving to women of all sizes that their fitness potential should never be based solely on their weight or body type. Jessamyn has over 80,000 followers and has been using her Instagram fame to tour the east coast, teaching workshops with fellow plus-size yogi Dana Falsetti.

mynameisjessamyn yoga
(Photo: @mynameisjessamyn via Instagram)

@happsters: Sometimes you just need a few motivating words to get through your day, which is exactly why Happsters was born. The account's founder Kelli claims to be a "Science of Happiness graduate" and now spreads joy to over 45,000 followers. Most importantly, you need to follow this account because "Tell the negative committee that meets in your head to sit down and shut up," is something we all need to hear in times of stress — and Happsters isn't afraid to share that truth.

Happsters motivation
(Photo: @happsters via Instagram)

@skinnymom: And, of course, Skinny Mom's Instagram is a great source of motivation. Sharing videos of our workouts and photos of recipes, challenges, motivations and even a little humor, we hope to make your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle easier and more exciting. Tag your photos with #skinnymom and we may even share some of your healthy secrets with our 40K+ followers!

instagram humor

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