Atomic Pushups

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Move Targets: Triceps, Chest and Core


Step 1: Come into your high plank with your ankles resting on a swing. Make sure you're using a swing that is set low enough to keep your body in a straight line. Pull the core in tight so the hips do not sag.


Step 2: Pull the knees in as close to the chest as possible while remaining in your high plank position. You may lean forward slightly as you tuck. Exhale as the knees come closer.


Step 3: With control, glide the feet back to your starting position at full extension. Inhale and drop down into a pushup, bringing the chest as low as you can with good form. Keep the hips in a straight line with the rest of your body. They tend to pike up or sag during the press.


Step 4: Exhale and press up into your high plank to complete one rep. Do this sequence slowly with proper alignment and use your breathing to assist you.