Hamstring Curl with Swing

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Move Targets: Hamstrings and Glutes


Step 1: Lie down on your back (use a towel, jacket or blanket for comfort) and set your heels in the swing. Flex your feet and lift your hips off of the ground. Brace yourself by pressing your elbows into the ground at your side or press your hands into ground, engaging the lats for more support.


Step 2: Pull the swing in toward the back of your thighs without letting your hips drop. This is going to burn up your calves, so give them a good stretch if you cramp up on the first few reps. Modification: Drop your hips to the ground and try pulling the swing in and out, hinging at the knees.


Step 3: Extend the legs back to the starting position. Inhale to keep the abdomen tight and get support from your diaphragm. Exhale on the crunch.

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