Split Squat on Bench

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Move Targets: Glutes and Quads


Step 1: Turn your body away from the bench and rest the top of one foot on the edge. Only your shoe should be making contact (not your ankle). Your supporting leg should be far enough away that when you fully lunge, the knee stays behind the toe. You might need to do a few practice ones to get the distance right. Place the hands on your hips and keep the chest lifted.


Step 2: Drop down in your lunge, keeping the front knee behind the toes. The torso remains upright like you see Amanda do here. The work should be felt in the front, supporting leg. Try to bring the lunge low enough to get the front thigh parallel to the ground.


Step 3: Exhale, press through the front heel and squeeze the glutes to lift yourself. For more of a challenge, bring the front leg closer and make the back thigh straight up and down rather than at a diagonal.

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