Walking Lunge with Knee Raise

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Move Targets: Glutes and Quads


Step 1: Find a place you can move forward at least for at least four reps. Drop into your lunge, creating a 90-degree bend in both legs. The front knee must stay behind your toes. The back knee will go low enough to tap the ground if you wish, but at least 2 inches from the ground. Chest is lifted.


Step 2: Take the back leg and move it forward, lifting the knee above the hip-line. Keep the standing leg slightly bent.


Step 3: Step down into you lunge. The knee you just lifted will become the front leg in the lunge. When you set the leg down, make sure you're still creating the 90-degree bends in both knees. As you move forward, that distance can easily change, so double check!


Step 3: As you come out of the lunge, lift the other leg forward and up above the hip-line. The standing leg stays soft.


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